Blade & Soul Online Poison Dragon Raid Field Boss UI On

It hits really hard… T_T

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  1. Sam Mathew

    Never played blade and soul but it looks like fun. Wish they give an update to NA when it will be released, 4 months of silence

  2. Fabio The Storm

    fps :( step is this game so high about graphics?

  3. 제스터메이헴

    nah blade and soul isn't as great as people expect it where it isn't released

    NC Soft really outdid themselves by adding micro transactions into a subscription based game. And the micro transaction items are slowly turning into pay to win items… And the fact that they still haven't added a major content update since the release, koreans are slowly turning away from the game… but it is still like #3 most played game because there just isn't quality releases like this… We koreans want GW2..

  4. John Titor

    You mean NCsoft?

  5. nerunastus

    nexon? LOL!!

  6. Neta Wasserman

    Dude, that thing looks great, wish it had been a little bigger though, hardly intimidating :<

  7. Sir Ken

    dat framerate…lol What are your pc specs?

  8. LostMyFinger

    the only thing that drop is the key?


    which cpu do u have step?

  10. MrRomegard

    Tho gw2 sucks kinda badly :3

  11. KagemaruJin

    And that, my friend, is a really bad comment :)

  12. Jove89

    Since you're a korean, what korean mmos could have potential on the western market? So far, I'm really interested in Blade & Sould and especially ArcheAge. ArcheAge looks like tons of fun with really neat features that would work well as a western mmo. I'm playing different mmos so I'm pretty open-minded about them. Any answer could help. I'm the type of player that enjoys both Eve Online and Tera. Question is… is it good to be excited about ArcheAge?

  13. Princess Of Dumbasses

    step how long did ut take to kill this boss? 20-30 mins?

  14. Andrew Luccas

    this Poison Dragon > Zhaitan.

    Zhaitan is worst "last" boss i ever seen

  15. Holo

    I've been sorta wondering how you are enjoying B&S compared to GW2? Playing GW2 has been far and away my favorite MMO I've played to date. I'm really in love with the look and feel of B&S, even though I havn't had the chance to play it yet. I'm sorta hoping it'll be "the next big thing" like GW2 was for me! x3

  16. Ruby Brown

    PC SPECS: i7 3.8 [GTX 670] 16GB RAM

  17. GBO2 gameplays

    are there any "BAMs" in B&S like Tera?
    and that sword masters is pretty sick when it dashes straight to that dragon.

  18. Aurora

    That was awesome.

  19. Pupah

    size doesnt mean everything

  20. KagemaruJin

    Ahahaha, belive me, it is ;)

  21. 제스터메이헴

    Archeage is falling apart. No Endgame content, and bad pvp, and in Korea Its vastly about PVP. Right now, potentially, ArcheAge would do the best in the West though because Korea is in a huge gaming crisis with the government and all. Developers don't have investors pushing for AAA mmos. Korea's MMO is literally dying as Korean devs, government, and players alike are killing new content. Devs only make copycats for easy money, government is trying to control games like CISPA

  22. 제스터메이헴

    because of gaming addiction problem thanks to the fuckin Ministry of Gender Equality (female equal rights activists, but are fucking lunatics, worse than FEMA) they try to control EVERYTHING, their bullshit is like the american reverse racism. and the gamers? they stick to 10 year old mmos like Lineage 1, Maplestory, DFO, because of content im guessing. Half these people don't give newer games a try. Sadly because of these factors, foreign AAA games are making better sales in korea

  23. 제스터메이헴

    because, in 2013, foreign devs are making translations on release! Why would koreans stick to crappy remade mmos when we can play new AAA content with korean subtitles? Don't expect any korean mmos for the next year or two, it is dying. Although, there is one game everyone is anticipating. It is called "검은 사막" aka "Black Desert". its release date is well within 2014? so yeah. Looks ever far away for an English release.

  24. John Doe

    In nearly all the MMOs i've played and seen on vids, i've noticed that there's so much crap flying around that I can't see what i'm doing and am forced to stare at cooldown bars as a result. Getting out of the fires can get tricky if you not only can't see them but also don't know where you are in all of that.

    Does this game have a feature to turn off or reduce other player's skill effects, both audio and visual?

  25. Operative CokeZer0

    GW2 also has no endgame, and the pvp isnt as good as people say.

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