Blade & Soul Online Poison Dragon Raid Field Boss UI Off

Dragon Slaying and Computer Exploding!

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  1. Hi There

    lol all these yordles

  2. Ibrahim Wazzi

    I don't like the instant mobs turn speed

  3. Berton Winarto

    Are BnS bosses mostly like this one? Minor mechanics and just zerg as hard as you can? Just curious if I'll find bosses that have insane mechanics like a few Wow bosses (H Ragnaros or Sinestra).

  4. Marvin Eifler

    but I think its to easy if they turn around like a turtle

  5. Justas Sakutis

    ye it looks kinda lame

  6. acidHAL0

    Visually still stunning, sadly the boss doenst make up for it

  7. Edgard Berganzo

    omg there are huge players on there

  8. Neta Wasserman

    Stupid question but were you in a party with all these people or were you on your own? I'm just completely clueless about how that sort of thing works in BnS.

  9. Neta Wasserman

    So how does loot work, if you even get loot from these?

  10. shlakado

    is this game free to play yet?

  11. Ibrahim Wazzi

    last time i check a big ass lion turns pretty fast. If its big i can still turn fast and menacing imo

  12. Romildo Pereira


  13. Magnimonial

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Arthran

    Awww, it's pretty adorable compared to all other recent MMORPG dragon designs. Why'd y'all go and kill it for?

  15. Mateus Marques

    is a tutorial on how to register and download the B&S pls .-.

  16. merru

    lol of course not

  17. Valkyrain

    Certain ones are. Not all.

  18. Rico Valentine

    Is it like GW2, where you get loot and xp, even if you're not in a party ? That would be great… I really don't like ninja looting and kill stealing.

  19. ChronisOfTheTwilight

    Go spend money. Can't expect every game that comes out to be free. It's not even out in the U.S. yet but they have said that it will be Pay to play. I"m currently playing the Korean version. You can see the vids on my channel if you don't believe me. BUt sorry, when it comes over here, if you don't have money, then you aren't gonna be able to play. Sorry.

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