Blade & Soul Online Pohwaran Destroyer Gameplay Skill Cancelling Berserker Mode

I haven’t been playing much B&S lately. Destroyers can attack fast.
Skill cancel animation, Left Click and Right Click timed correctly.
I love Destroyers! Imagine the speed if I lived in KR.
If you’re Spin2Winning a 1 Target, you’re playing Destroyer wrong.
Once mastered, Destroyers can be classified as a Berserker DPS.

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  1. Thomas svoboda

    Like Im downloading the korean version of blade and soul, I was wondering If there was like a patch or option of trying to make it english translate is there a possible way to do that like I really really really want to play this gameT.T

  2. Thomas svoboda

    if i can actually play this game in korean can you add me so I can have some like translation help T.T?

  3. Thomas svoboda

    Ty because I really want to play I was wondering once i start playing if you can meet me? real quick to kindof set me in?

  4. Thomas svoboda

    Your awesome!

  5. lizxfiasco

    Sigh… Make me want to play so bad.

  6. MDKAI

    Jesus just smacking her repeatedly

  7. LostMyFinger

    so only left and right click to achieve this?

  8. Zoeyinterface

    blade and soul is FREE?

  9. willian wayne

    nope as far as i know !

  10. Nexion

    Is this allmost out

  11. Thomas svoboda

    aww it didnt let me install the korean version of bns all the way i was so close T.T, is it possible from someone america that could play korean blade and soul?

  12. GUSRG

    nope, P2P

  13. birger rönnow sandell

    there are some private servers
    just google around a bit and you'll find the. they're running an earlier version of the beta though:)

  14. MadPropzBaller

    Is it coming to Eu and Us this year?

  15. Michael Dean

    Why does it always look like the bosses never do anything? they just stand in one spot getting owned in all ur videos lol

  16. Luiz Antonio Campos

    Quick question Steparu. Which game do you think that requires a better computer: Tera or BnS?


  17. Yamasukii

    Steparu how would you rate this game in he scale 0-10 ?

  18. Jeruzale La Vinia

    Steparu how are you hiting so fast? some kind of buff or is it normal?

  19. cman2007

    only one question step can you swim underwater? or are there plans in the future if not?

  20. Jeruzale La Vinia

    ok i could be WRONG! so dont get it as 100% true, but i think you pick sides, there is BLUE and RED "sides" at certain lvl, so if some one is wearing red and your blue you can pvp with them in open world, i think there are zones where you can pvp and can't, but i can be wrong!

  21. Alma Barauskienė

    hey Steparu how did you registered to kr BnS? I want it too :DDD :P

  22. Decerux

    dude wtf are you doing to snape :(

  23. Inzanity Noctis

    So does that mean the bosses always do the same attacks in a pattern? Unlike TERAs (sorry for the reference) BAMs / Bosses that have a pretty random AI?

  24. keab keab

    steparu, do you use any vpn service to make your ping better? coz I live in the US and my char always has that 1-2 sec delay.

  25. Buraddo Bruddah

    u r rite

  26. davin elian

    TERA with steroids

  27. Erchin Berhun

    how did you download game pls help

  28. vampierbandit

    were did you download this game?

  29. Jay Yoon

    Yes pretty much. Once you know the pattern its easy. But it takes time to master it. It was for me :)

  30. Jay Yoon


  31. Jay Yoon

    I'm a Korean user playing this game and i would rate it 7/10.
    1. Storyline & graphics
    2. Tons of character customization(You can even easily import other ppl's customizations by putting it into ur folder found in My Documents)
    3. Lots of stylish clothing(BIG reason why ppl play)
    4. Very smart in-game "wikipedia" feature that allows u to search for quests, npcs, items etc. (No need to Alt+Tab) -> Big issue coz this game takes like 20 secs to just Alt+Tab and pisses u off.

  32. Jay Yoon

    1. Lack of major content/patch — ppl r leaving the game due to this
    2. Action moves look fresh unlike other mmos at the beginning but comes very repetitive
    3. Gold is REALLY REALLY hard to farm. Auction house prices r so high ppl just buy gold wit real money.
    One E.G : The legendary weapon for this game costs approx 2,000 dollars to make wit real money. Imagine the time u would spend just to make it without real investment.

  33. Moe

    hey steparu which one do you like the most BnS or Archeage .
    p.s : Please don't give me the "I like them both the same" cause this can't be .

  34. MrVest159

    he is still slow with cancel atks …. there is vids are faster than this .

  35. Raiuga Aguiar Santos

    i see the difference in ping with my force master too

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