Blade & Soul Online Party 2.0 Update 1080p HD

Bigger Party 2.0 Update today, went for a test run with guild.
Haven’t Uploaded a vid in awhile. Icarus Online videos soon :)

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  1. Damir Turk

    still wanna play it!

  2. TassadarGR

    nobody told you not to play.if you can't wait till 2014 you can play Chinese version that is going to be f2p.i've registered for cbt in 7th May.hope I get a key

  3. TassadarGR

    I don't think there will be better or greater games by the time it will come to west.only descent new mmo imo is The Magic Sword.its like aow but better.the thing is its still in alpha version

  4. Razatiger Ault

    i think they scrapped the NA blade & soul

  5. Damir Turk

    good luck with the key, il wait for eng version, im playing neverwinter atm.

  6. Vitor Lima

    to much damage in screen =/
    can you make show only your damage Steparu?

  7. greatgodKT

    it so rare to see male character in blade and soul.

  8. LostMyFinger

    what server are u on step

  9. YoraiDragon

    That's what everyone says. Yet they always go back to an old game they've played.

  10. YoraiDragon

    They didn't scrap anything. There's already a game published by NCWest coming out this year with a full package of content called WildStar. A company isn't going to mash 2 similar games together at 1 time. Team Bloodlust is still working on the core content of Blade & Soul. Wild Star pretty much has the core content right from the start. Pretty much a reason why Hyung Tae Kim said they plan on getting this game out in NA in 2014.

  11. Christian

    Dat destro chic!

  12. Kaoru Sugimura

    black desert

  13. bardoever

    Actually if I remember correctly in an interview they said they were aiming sometime in 2014.

  14. Mrhonganify

    what i heard many ppl got kicked from teambloodlust westen blade and soul cus they need many developer for making wilstar so blade and soul will be waiting till 2014

  15. william wyrick

    I have to concur with Battyboy the english website they made has not a single update since they made the site. This game just won't come out for a long time

  16. Caleb Lavender

    I will learn whatever language I need to in order to get games like this :)

  17. Randall Roberts

    Spin to win!

  18. cyborgchimpy

    dude :[ I been waiting since the very first trailer 5 years ago, it hurts man.

  19. Yiazmat83

    4 ever wait

  20. hovsep56

    another thing is why the hell they are not playing the private server

  21. Ratatox

    They announced not too long ago that the NA version will be released around 2014. So stop trying to have peoples hopes down. Search Hyung-Tae Kim Interview by Elle and Nara Revealed the Released Plan of Blade and Soul's English Version and click the third link, the one from bns.mmosite

  22. cyborgchimpy

    jesus christ man :/ ncsoft let the fans of blade and soul down atleast 3 times when they made a slight estimation of when it might come to the west. im really fucking dissapointed in ncsoft, but it seems wildstar looks like an easier cash-in, I think its going to have a way higher cashshop value if its gonna be a free. so in the end its all about the quantity of money it can generate, and not about the quality of the product:/ sad sad world

  23. cyborgchimpy

    cuz the private servers sucks. there is no progression above lvl 15, and the devs( if you are talking about atomix) are lying lazy bastards. said the server would have been at cbt3 by august last year. but very coincidentally, the main devs HD broke down, and someone who works in that kind of field obviously never makes backups of huge projects like that..yea right. they have donations open but there has been no update since about a year ago. like, at all.

  24. Crasoose

    Oh look its me, I don't know how you play with those camera settings and don't get sick Step.

  25. NY - Buddy

    i have the same problem, I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

  26. VonVoltaire

    So the tab-targeting, doge the red lines MMO wins?

  27. tdog1558

    Sup steparu and other ppls, was just trying to find out ways to play bns and the only way for where I live is atomix private server. Would anyone recommend this private server or are there other ways to play? Ty all for who respnd

  28. Defeatenonce

    Your kidding right. the combat in Wildstar is goddamn lame

  29. CGDavis

    Is there an option to turn off the damage numbers?

  30. TheDevilchild95

    you can test the game.. and how your computer gonna handle it.. but you cannot play it for a long time because that server is on the cbt2 status.. and so you cannot learn any important skills and so on..
    for a quick look its ok.. but not more

  31. Hiromu656

    the way the camera moves looks amazing, i've never seen an MMO do that before

  32. Defeatenonce

    wildstar is the same thing with crappy animations the only motion you get is when you dodge the red circles. and thats what they call a new feature.

  33. Chr1sT0fu

    Hey Step, I know you've played both Tera and Blade and Soul, but which do you prefer?

  34. XxXSickPcLove XxX

    Bad ass

  35. XxXSickPcLove XxX

    Stop talking nonesense about a game just stop being so chicken shit to buy in play when it comes out hell I played wow tera swotor rift and gw2 I like them all but if one was a sub instead of a free to play could be even more better and if the other.should have been buy to play in hell im waiting on elder scrolls online then I found the game of my dreams and im happy

  36. Defeatenonce

    You mean its WoW all over again? in the beta someone said the same thing.

  37. Trung Th

    They can make awesome flying and stuffs but why the boss fight is sooooo boring…

  38. xShiro

    Blade and Soul NA Release 2014 Q3

  39. Harrison Chacon

    and this is sad.

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