Blade & Soul Online Naryu Labyrinth 2nd Boss

Force Master Freeze + Summoner Root = OP

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  1. Sean Burgess

    Op indeed

  2. MOStein

    Can you show some more Destroyer gameplay plz?

  3. shadowsz09

    Can you make a video of how to download this game and how to make what accounts are needed? thank you:D

  4. dragons

    If you aren't asian, you can't play it, unless you have sick internet and know of their language.

  5. Snow Blackfrost

    0:42 translation what bos says : NERF Stunlock OP HACKS =O

  6. MOStein

    If your not Korean or live in Korea you cant play. you need a Korean social security number, korean phone number, and a birth certificate just to create an account. Then you need to purchase the game using a Korean bank account. THEN you need a VPN so you can play on the game's servers without the fear of getting banned, or having massive lag.
    This game will come out in NA/EU in the summer of 2013. late 2013 at the latest. Beta testing is predicted to start in Q1 2013.

  7. MOStein

    I never said anything about s "Lyn" Destroyer :P. I was referring to her "Gon" Destroyer.

  8. Defeatenonce

    you can always try the english private server its called blade&soul atomix i believe the server is a little laggy and buggy and not everything is implemented yet but thats how you can get a look at the game =D

  9. Mirppz

    Not a good idea, the server is terrible, is an early version of the game and it doesn't give you a good background about the game since 80% of the things are missing/broken in that server. I'd say, wait for western version while playing other games.

  10. hkharpster

    Hmm, I heard 2014 at the latest. NCSoft seems to want to have the game pretty much full of content so they don't have lengthy patch conversion times from went patches hit the KR version from the NA/EU versions. And it needs more PvP content, to really get people playing it outside of KR.

  11. Riftzeh

    I'm getting into that fucking beta.

  12. steparu

    Yup, you can change it to that :D!

  13. NovumZero

    Lol already back from archeage? you must love this game. My anticipation grows even more if you are able to play this much x.x

  14. Defeatenonce

    still it give you something to do =D

  15. qq zz

    too bad steparu isnt even korean and get this shit from a friend that lives in korea

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