Blade & Soul Online Minotaur Boss as Lyn Blade Master

Just because you guys miss my Blade & Soul Gameplay~

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  1. Mirppz

    Not at all, the graphics are gorgeous but still I was able to run this game with high settings on my old PC (average fps 40-60) which had a dual core AMD and a shitty radeon hd 4870, so this game is built very well and it doesn't require expensive PC, except if u wanna run it on ultra settings.

  2. crushlollol

    hey step whats your ping in korea servers?

  3. Plun

    I'll just turn sounds off and listen to music while playing. :D

  4. T. Canzani

    hey steparu can you do some tera gameplay? thanks

  5. Locky Tee

    Do you still play your KFM at all?

  6. Cress

    Steparu IS korean

  7. Antônio Társis

    this game is fuck

  8. The Astral Dust

    Steparu hello, I'm your follower, watch your videos is a pleasure, if I can,I would like to ask you a question: do you think is more competitive jin blade master or lyn? and if in addition to having different skills, they also have different speeds, strengths, dps,…?
    thanks for the answer and thanks for your videos :)

  9. Shayde189

    Do you guys think we will get US version later this year? Because the recurring trend is that it takes roughly a yr to be ported here. So June 2012 was release date in Korea and I speculate that US release is like Sept-Nov2013

  10. Jeno

    I like your BnS gameplay the best ^_^

  11. Nej82

    I've been dying to play this for some time, but now it just feels like the same boring stuff that's been diluted in the market for too long. I hate saying it, it looks amazing, sounds amazing. But it doesn't look like it separates itself from the other thousands of MMO's already out there.

    Its a shame really :(

  12. Angelo de Guzman

    is ping a big factor in this game Steparu? 300-500ms is around 0.5 — 1 second delay right?

  13. newbytr

    Can i ask a question Step ? Yes they are diffrent type MMO's but i wonder u playing both Archeage and Blade and Soul what you thinking for this two games ? if we compare this two games which one better in your idea ?

  14. Daniel Souriyavong

    how did u get to play BnS KR version if your not korean?

  15. Angelo de Guzman

    Alright thanks for the info! Keep up the good work! :3

  16. The Astral Dust

    ehehehe however, I believe that LBM has an advantage in using the summon skills when he wants, someone says it is the first class op!

  17. TryHardSasquatch

    Argh! I watched the whole thing waiting for you to zoom in on your outfit because it looked like a new one and you never did xD

  18. MazzyArts

    when will it come in europe ?

  19. newbytr

    Thank you.

  20. XxXSickPcLove XxX

    The sucky part about this is when we ever get a good looking game like this thats badass in you can dodge fight in kick ass like that wow fan boys cry in say it sucks but scared to play it dont wanna try it

  21. ultama7

    Steparu What Is Your fav. Food To Eat?

  22. Matt Gross

    Heya Steparu, gg on the Minotaur! I was wondering how easy or difficult it is to collect currency in this game at max level, I know it's based on a gold like system 100/100/#####

  23. blaze

    hey step, i was wondering whats more effecte for solo and group pvp, force master or summoner? they both look really strong and fun to play. im a huge pvp nerd and really curious

  24. Garghanaut

    So is this game just a faster paced Tera essentially? To dumb it down at least

  25. blaze

    thanks, but in your blade and soul review you said summoner is the weakest class and buggy like shit and force master is the one dealing the most dmg? ^^

  26. Daniel Le

    Doesnt matter lol. This game is coming out. Thats what matters!!! Usa usa usa usa usa!!!!!

  27. Yamko

    Hey steparu, is this game better than tera online? I notice that it's more action based and a lot less hotkeys and very short cooldowns. Do you like this game better?

  28. omghegotagun

    What of your opinion on blade master, assassin, and destroyer pve/pvp?

    Think any of them are excessively weak/strong/bland on either side of the game, and why?

  29. omghegotagun

    Forgot to add kung fu master to my question :)

  30. Tristan Harrison

    What would you recommend for a solo player?

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