Blade & Soul Online Lyn Outfits Mini Fashion Show

Just some of my favorite outfits for Lyn :)!
Cute Lyn Outfits Preview time, check out the Gon version below.

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  1. Mary Sinatra

    This gamer is breathtaking.

  2. Minorin

    Steparu is such an sadist. That first mask looks like a fetish item `3`

  3. KagemaruJin

    Hi there Steparu ;) , are you going to play the EU/NA version of the game or you are going to stay in KR? :)

    Also, any clue (apart from the website) of when the occidental version is going to enter in the beta state? '^'

  4. Hi There

    could i get that link too? i just want to at least experience this game, i dont mind if theres not much to do

  5. GUSRG

    Send in a mesage for you too.

    For everyone else search for Atomix Blade & Soul. Since I can't post the link in comments of SteparuTV vídeo =)

  6. GC9000

    Steparu messing up those outfits and splashing in the water! Shame lol

  7. Mike The Gamer

    america would have a shit fit over this game.. i weep for its future here.

  8. WafflezGraal

    She looks so sad I want to give her a hug D: but she skips around enthusiastically :o

  9. Jhonny Sins

    :[ The loli is sad, me watching her walk and skip makes me feel wrong

  10. Gothic

    @Sky Heart It's out on korean servers

  11. Gothic

    How does one fight in a panda costume? I know it gets stuffy in there ._.

  12. Ming Le

    Outfit @3:30 is so cute!!

  13. Ellelujah

    Is blade & soul more demanding on your comp than TERA?

  14. relai3100

    Her eyes look sad.

  15. BakaTakoUwU

    4:00 is my favorite outfit, so adorable!

  16. Snow Blackfrost

    Pff i cant wait until i can make my Chibi Tsundere "Male" Lyn char ^^

  17. KarpoCottage

    OMG too cute <3

  18. Zrzek

    2:13 and 7:17 Must have! :D

  19. Le Neals

    How do you get these outfits? Do you win them in battles, or do you have to buy them?

  20. newbytr

    I guess you're tired of B&S .. We can watch your Archeage videos if possible ? :)

  21. newbytr

    If XL not give you a free account their marketing mistake… nvm you are best keep continue. ;)

  22. DeathLotus

    Too much water trotting and face close ups, I know you love your Lyn but come on man… Show is the outfits lol. Can't see the shoes and lower half cause its submerged…

  23. Dak rite

    10 hr version please.

  24. nerunastus

    OMG! PINK PANDA!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hikikomono

    she looks so cute ;__;

  26. Eddie A

    Can anyone tell me if this is out in north america yet ?? or any info ? i cant seem to find any releases or link to game :/

  27. Aurora

    Can you do this with a jin or/and a kun?:D

  28. Yukitatoe Z

    a random vippen appears, havent seen him for a while

  29. Jorge Matos

    steparu its esy to make a accont on blade & Soul and if is how can i make one?

  30. Broccoleet

    Hey step! What class in B&S did you find was the most fun/dynamic to play?

  31. King Serious

    Steparu, how is pvp with Destroyer?
    And is Blade & Soul well balanced? Are there a lot off oportunitys to do pvp, like arena, pvp-inis..?

  32. Broccoleet

    Hmm sweet i really felt like playing a KFM once the game comes west but i read from a lot of ppl that KFM are a bit underpowered in pvp and i like pvp T_T.

  33. Ana Avram

    and how and where can you purchase accounts? :3

  34. Rito Starr

    Steparu, Which 3 job classes would you be best to play if you have 200-350ms? or which 3 job classes are the least latency dependent? :)

  35. Loligamix

    that clothes need real money or ingame money ??

  36. Mo Mo

    Can you play with a controller?

  37. Bedwyr

    Can i hug her?

  38. KaiWynneBaby

    which class would you recommend someone use if they wanted to go the magical route on some1 else's video they chose fm over the summoner. I just wanted your two cents thanks:)

  39. Mi Sen

    Do you speak Korean ? I just wondering because the whole is in Korean O.O

  40. eDust

    Can u still get the x-mas n valentine's outfits? :3

  41. Akyimeiko

    Omg!! are you best you charater is best :c Where get it beautiful charater? plz Tell me

  42. tanki motoko

    depends i think

  43. Vetti !


  44. 陈昱

    hey,steparu i am from china,and i love your channel and your lyn loli,can i pls have this little cuttie's CharacterCustomize!

  45. jorgeghm

    Hey steparu im a long time fan :) watching you since before the Suwol Plains Tour and i've loved you B&S since then. I have a few questions since I started playing in the CN version of the game now : 
    How do you hide your UI?
    Are those outfits like gear or just outfits to use that dont replace gear?
    And How do you change your camera to look at your character's face?? 
    Thanks in advance. (even if you dont reply)

  46. Prime

    Can someone help me create a account and download the game ? China version

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