Blade & Soul Online Lyn FML Mode Emotes

Another dead week in B&S no updates, sad face. No big titles coming out in a few weeks other than Dungeon Striker Open Beta. should load faster now and the errors should be gone. I’m craving Chipotle but I don’t go out often. End.

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  1. Keeper Filmz

    OMG, Step… lol Elins, Lyns, Lollies… only you :P

  2. Aeonftw

    song name is "half-moon lake" from BnS soundtrack in case anyone is looking. the flute remind me of Wild Arms soundtrack.

  3. Joshua Lua

    when will this come out internationally lol…

  4. Yanguria

    By the time it will be out, we will have a downgraded version with terrible support and moneysucking business model.
    I can foresee it, especially because semi-reliable rumors suggest that it may come in 2014

  5. WakkaaloaksTv

    LOL!! omg i misread the description thought you wrote "
    Another dead week in B&S no updates, sad face. No big titties" LOL!!!~!~

  6. Jonatas Nogueira

    Oh jailbait

  7. Erchin Berhun

    where are you from steparu?

  8. Bushinji

    Pedobear is pleased.

  9. Erchin Berhun

    how comes you can play korean games and we dont?

  10. KagemaruJin

    This game really needs some Water-character interaction, better than see a cute female Lynn making strange expressions, is to see a "wet" female cute Lynn making sexy expressions :)

  11. Erchin Berhun

    cant wait. I try to download atomix but it won't work

  12. Faye_Casual

    She's so cute even when throwing a tantrum xD

  13. Furyaki

    -Goes to Chipotle and livestreams him self eating-

  14. amr omran

    stop tease …waiting NA ver kills me

  15. Erchin Berhun


  16. retro8477

    I tried the same and got the same WAAAAAA!!!!!!

  17. retro8477

    PLZ tell us how to get the Korean ver Steparu plz plz plz and im in AU btw.

  18. Sensei Hirux

    steparu can i play with a GTX 650 ti blade and soul on highest graphic? ._.

  19. Zaka

    they announced that BnS NA vers will come out in 2014 in an interview about 3 weeks ago

  20. Andrew McGarden

    stop torturing us with those AWESOME videos from BnS

  21. BaniBunny

    loli version of harry poter?

  22. QueenEtna

    OMG I did that too lmao I thought it said that aswell xDD

  23. OrbiTiZZeD

    google atomix bns

  24. fufu

    can u tell me your pc setup plz?

  25. Sensei Hirux

    ah ok^^ thx

  26. Mirppz

    I've been waiting for this game over a year now or maybe 2? dunno, but as rumors say about it launching in 2014 on the west and NCsoft haven't announced anything since last december, release in 2014 is pretty much guaranteed. Well, that just sucks. Too late, too many MMOs coming out this year, I'm pretty sure I have my eyes on something else already when this comes out.

  27. Cress

    so cute =3

  28. KagemaruJin

    No to "Wet" Lynns, or water interaction with characters?, because i can't see how it could be a bad thing to include some kind of water movement effect or splashing animation when a character touchs water in this game, i mean, i can barely say when they are actually in middle of the water if i don't take a good look at it :/

  29. DUB cry

    i think bns is not f2p in korea

  30. Christian

    The graphic is just amazing <3

  31. hovsep56

    no new blade and soul update? werent they planning to release more areas

  32. rcu

    Blade & Soul Online?
    Ahahah :D

  33. pizzza

    Step I havent seen Yukey in ages, is she still playing??

  34. Valkeir

    Love your vids as always steparu, even the silly ones. ;)

  35. dave vang

    Epic music in the background

  36. retro8477

    Thank you Staparu your awesome

  37. LolReally

    how do you feel about cn B n S going f2p?

  38. Hao Ren

    OMG Cuteness overload
    Imba level

  39. Hao Ren

    People tend to spend money more on F2P compare to subscription. Most likely because F2P usually going for P2W model. So if I had to choose, I'd rather play P2P or B2P than F2P. Money wise and service wise.

  40. zRibzyMitzy7

    He said big "Titles" not big "titties"

  41. WakkaaloaksTv

    well i glanced i didn't read its what it looked like ^^

  42. Hetherlum Productions

    Lately I haven't seen any P2W free MMOs coming out. At least none of those have been, which I've taken a look at.

  43. Dang trung kien

    background music ?

  44. Joey Knight

    * twiddling thumbs* …… Day133, its been 5 months since last word of dev team… however i've seen signs of life recently… They seem to be monitoring fanmade sites and forums. Trying to determine what the NA audiences really want. Ive seen numerous polls that unanimously pick BnS NA to be B2P. However, no actual updates. They seem to have put all their efforts into Wildstar… Guess only time will tell….

  45. zd peter


  46. Nathan Eriksson

    "Another dead week in B&S no updates"
    You should be lucky that you are able to play the game..

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