Blade & Soul Online Kung Fu Master Gameplay Quest Boss

Boss drops a rare cute plant headgear but I have no luck with it.
May look like I attack fast but I am not! If I was actually playing in KR I would attack 50% faster or something but it’s okay Kung Fu Master is fun enough even with lag!

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  1. Julian Frazier

    yes, for the most part.

  2. Jaykwub

    how are you guys playing this game? :O


    First of all, great video, game looks awesome. c: Just wanted to drop a quick question. This game seems very combat heavy in terms of classes. I haven't heard anything about clerics or some sort of healing class in the game? Also, are there instances or similar features? Thanks. ^^

  4. Coffee King

    with all those constant nutshots, im suprised the boss lasted that long lol

  5. Keith from D East

    Force Master or Kung fu Master cant choose.

  6. EndeavorDC

    F2P please NCsoft!!!!!!!!!!! I am begging you

  7. Surlan Henrique

    You have an option to modify your character's physics after you created it and played with it? Maybe some service in-game? Thank you~

  8. Creature Films

    Playing this game now and it's unreal

  9. Psycho Surje


  10. EnRy QuE


  11. Kevin Santiago

    Where did you get that outfit I have been looking for it please respond I love that outfit.

  12. Kevin Santiago

    I also really like your videos. :D

  13. xXGunsinpercombatXx

    just started playing this game cool but how do i block as an assassin 

  14. Ahmad Abdelsalam

    Awesome Video and really nice skill there .. but can anyone tell me the combo and skills used? .. Also what's the difference between the Cn server and the Kr server because I play on Cn and it lags like hell !

  15. Xyniss

    I want to play this! Can't wait for USA version D:<

  16. Zaezul

    I can't wait to play Kung fu master with good ping!

  17. Glitzbound

    A chick bahing enemies with badass gloves weapons Ouuuuu you know im a sucker for a fist fighting in game.

  18. CanduGame

    show me youre build KFM please

  19. HOLLY LLAMA2021

    What is the closest thing to a Tank in this game?

  20. Serenity

    Kung Fu Masters are my second favourite , but their armors are very ugly…

  21. Bell

    is that counter skill Jeet Kune? you can use it while attacking?? :O

  22. kuschado

    will they bring blade and soul onto xbox one X_x' it seems like it will work well but probably won't happen ;(

  23. Alvis Nguyen

    i feel an internal pain watching the boss takes that much hit in the crotch

  24. Joey Wheeler

    WAw. the graphics looks sick

  25. Another Legend

    whats dat blue glow your character has were you get that

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