Blade & Soul Online Kung Fu Gameplay no UI Field Boss Cinematic Cam

Some low level field boss that drops a token for the outfit below.

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Another outfit to add to my collection~!
I tried using MovieMaker to convert the video…
The quality seems to have taken a huge hit, lol.

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  1. PikiPicolo

    Steparu! We love youuuu! : D

  2. Ahmetcan boyacı

    i dont think i can read korean :)

  3. Corey StAtZ

    A boss with a cool looking design! :O

    but.. Why he no have more attack animations? -_-

  4. Taeyeonni

    AH cool, I found it. Both are really great artists. They also make a really cute couple :3 Thanks as always step.

  5. Arnelle

    that hit box though…

  6. Fidel Chainz

    Is This B2P P2P Or F2P

  7. Resuta Ri

    lol… need a dramatic ending eh? XD

  8. emanuel fidalgo

    steparu.:D good as always :P

  9. Handmantoot

    i think its f2p, with a cash shop. But only in Korea :(

  10. TassadarGR

    in korea its china its f2p

  11. TassadarGR

    in korea its p2p,so i bet it will be p2p in west too

  12. LonewolfV

    i still can't find any other game that TOPS B&S T.T

    and i just tested the beta 2 and am hooked lol

  13. TestadiTesta


  14. CiaOssu

    BlazeCore anyone or any news ?

  15. CiaOssu

    i mean Core Blaze

  16. Wayne Hall

    this game looks sweet

  17. Virme

    okay thats badass

  18. Hungry Jack's

    what happened here? the blade took the boss aggro pretty quick.

  19. KaiWynneBaby

    Um question does race affect the class? & if it does could you possibly how?

  20. KaiWynneBaby

    possibly explain* oops lol

  21. Evan Lune Back Up channel

    its Korean Server?

  22. TacoTicoMan

    When this game coming out for NA?

  23. OkraOba

    man, we are all asking that same question. ncsoft have not posted any news since Dec 5 2012

  24. chikitani816

    Steparu… Why so slow ;( My summoner has more dmg than your KFM… howwww

  25. smokeweeee

    thats so awsome i cant wait for the eu and usa version

  26. Rexro98

    Will this game have XBOX 360 or PS3 Controller Support?

  27. Shame full

    how did u make the video look like that step

  28. meesh11p

    This looks so so good.

  29. sean yoon

    I would like to know your current Server. Cuz I have one in Kyung-Kook-Ji-Sack.

  30. xRyuku

    is that the ingame song?

  31. challis2x4

    In my opinion… Kung Fu Master. If this video didnt tell you that then damn because THE ONLY sound i heard was a constant smack on the face.

  32. TheProKill3r

    Is it hard to play the korean ver. if you're american? or does it not require alot of reading

  33. Kazuto Kirigaya

    not really. there's pretty much a cursor guide and some UI's to help you on what to do. been playing on KR server for a while and it's been smooth

  34. Tang热筹

    So that's how you can play an MMO….like a fuking Street Fighter.

  35. Rusted Heart

    for some reason why you took it into the air then into the ground i yelled YEAH BREAK ITS FUCKING ARM

  36. Exrou

    Hey Step, how can I get the soundtrack for this?

  37. Lenwë Catspurr

    looks cool but.. the boss looked ridiculously easy.. spin to win…

  38. Kevin Arnold

    00:18, LIONS BARRAGE!

  39. SD BnS

    (CD1) Blade & Soul OST "The World" — Track 26 쾌검

  40. Alexis CG

    somewhere where you download the game?

  41. Schorty2

    i want play it cant wait for the europe release, how can I play it now?

  42. amar thakor

    Release pushed back to 2014… I'm thinking mid-late 2014…

  43. Mong Vang

    are they kung fu class more of a dps class or a tanking class?

  44. QioCube

    And THIS is why I will be a Kung-Fu Master when the English release comes out. Ugh, i've been following this game since 2009, please come out already!

  45. Rusted Heart

    Being a kung fu master

  46. csinszka

    I want to be a Kung-fu master as well :)

  47. giannhs antoniou1

    man atleast u can play wildstar i know its not blade and soul but its pretty good too

  48. Kilpeic

    i found out that it everything is that you have to run around mobs … although in cbt2 you get no hit because they aim a direction an attack in this direction so when u always running aroud them they couldnt hit u
    so it seems to me am i right if not say it =P

  49. しろ愛


  50. Ega Leonardo

    BGM title : Blade _ Soul The World OST — The Great Swordsman

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