Blade & Soul Online Korean Ping Vs Foreigner Ping

Just a short video showing off why lag makes a big difference in Blade & Soul Online. The Korean Assassin can attack about twice as fast, meaning more DPS. They can also execute skills faster. I am getting around 300-500 ms vs the Korean player with 20-100 ms. This makes a big difference in PvP and PvE because the third attack of certain classes applies debuffs on the target.

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  1. Radu Vasile

    I like it because of the plot .

  2. XiangriLa

    Yo step :c do you know if we need to have cellphone verification for cn version too?

  3. MutedMimic

    To bad we can't play -_-

  4. Shuten Douji

    that was best 0:31 sec in this hour.

  5. AnimeManiac4Life

    Steparu hi I'm a loyal "subscriber" & I have one question for u, my 2 most anticipated Korean MMORPG for the past years is B&S & ArcheAge (also recently BLESS drive my interest but I must learn more first) & I although u have the option to play ArcheAge unlike most of us u spent most of your time playing B&S, so what I want to ask is, did u like ArcheAge less than B&S? is B&S currently your favorite Korean MMORPG?

  6. king kiss

    cellphone is use for protection, its an option if you want to use to protect your ID, but it requires a chinese number

  7. Hotbagels

    Well you can actually, and I have played with Step. Just do some research.

  8. MutedMimic

    Yea I know can spend like $50+ for an account but nty. The other way is to get the phone which sadly I don't know any Koreans to help.

  9. Emunk Danoti

    yeah, most of mmorpg nowadays, same goes to tera online.

  10. Emunk Danoti

    right click start bar > perfomance tab > resource monitor > network tab > under tcp connection look at game .exe u played check out the letancy.

  11. Moby Trice

    Welcome to our world. Here in the UAE we usually play with crappy ms most of the time.

  12. Gerald Hu

    but, the ping still around 300 in the UK:(

  13. Tony B46qqq

    but.. I don't see BNS in their supported list

  14. Hao Ren

    So much different…. :O

  15. Nawy

    *cough* he has a korean wife *cough*

  16. D59 280


  17. Deathax

    Does WTFast really help at all ?

  18. Aireon

    Hahahahaha…. so when BnS comes out in the west, Aussie's still won't be able to play it effectively? I can see it now "Doing dungeons, less than 100 ping pls". I hope they have an oceanic server.

  19. Joey Knight

    WELL, thank you for posting this. Now i know not to pvp with koreans :l …they are better at everything anyway… They have all the best games, music, hair… And now they are OP in videogames :l

  20. Lilith

    wtf is wtfast?

  21. Iliqn Kirilov

    Step im living in Europe and i dont know how to download the game can you make a vido how to do it in Europe pls cuz i wont to play the game its so cool!

  22. GinabasX

    Is there any way to play B&S from europe without having a korean social security number(not sure what they call it)?

  23. Raffael Déram

    Can you actually play this without knowing the language at all ? xD

  24. QioCube

    Is their no better way to reduce ping other than WTFast? I'm a LBM so speed is pretty much everything in terms of combat and their's a huge difference from my attack speed to KR LBM's.

  25. Kagi Shou

    I'm from the European part of Russia and using WTFast.
    I have about 100 ms. But many Russians have 250-400.

  26. Julien Pagé

    120 — 150 ms is good for this game or not?

  27. UneliasMaahiainen

    @Kagerou Shoukin Are you using the paid version or the free one?

  28. L N

    Makes me sad, I'm in Finland and I can't get lower than 350 with wtfast. Makes my KFM almost unplayable. I'll just wait for the EU version! (lol)

  29. maxxie obby

    meh in america. in in pennsylvainia..met ill wait… ill wait till its in western…too scared….

  30. Ellebash1

    My evrage ping is 16ms. How much do I need so I can play my game normaly and have high grafic(meduim or a bit higer)? And how do I do that? Im from Europe and I realy want to play this game,so I realy need help. Thank you.

  31. RavFrom Yetti

    what is dat dagger, is that the faction one, but just not red wtf o.o?

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