Blade & Soul Online Jin Customization 2013 HD 1080p

Customizing my Jin Assassin! I doubt I will have the time to play it.
Too many games to test this year!

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    Can't even remember ever seeing a male….in B&S o__O

  2. shadowsz09

    Can u make a video of how to download this game and how to make the accounts needed . Pretty please:3?

  3. Löger

    still waiting for bns in eu xD

  4. Ascheriit

    sexualization of women? how original

  5. charms0211

    I love k-pop :( !!! you don't like?

  6. charms0211

    Steparu Please do this on kun character too please!!! ^.^ and make her pretty :o

  7. Gothic

    Apparently boobs defy the law of physics.

  8. Litchytaste

    I dont want european noobs to play this game XD

  9. MasterTraits

    Grr, I really want to play this game. Too bad my computer cant handle any game I try to play :<

  10. Sam B

    The music… it's just amazing.

  11. MintyHusky

    i know but its close to the reinnegan :)

  12. anurok

    For the love of god, come to the US already!

  13. Jeno

    The character creation Is has changed for the better since CBT2 ^_^

  14. David Skyler

    Cant wait for this game!

  15. ktyfiend

    then just make the hips thinner? it is a in-depth customization rofl

  16. Moe

    Too bad it won't be like this when it comes to EU or NA greedy publishers will want the game to be played by kids too .

  17. Inverge

    I think I really like that no-pan style costume in the mid part, so much so I am gonna convince someone to cos this….

  18. TassadarGR

    i don't care cause i'm going to play a gon male destroyer.and i prefer my girlfriends boobs/body that i can touch

  19. TassadarGR

    at least they added full body customization and no more character with combination of J.Lo hips,Sklenarikovas long legs,Keeley Hazel tits and shoulders-torso-hands of a 10 year old kid.that's a big progress they did

    the only game that i will need more than 2-3min to create a character.if i make female that is.usually i use default body,change hair and color a bit,mess with height and that's it.but here lot of body parts need change

  20. Aurora

    I'm annoyed that everyone chooses the most girly voice for their female characters, even the Gon's (Which I think should have a less girly voice because they're like big and strong. That doesn't fit them.)

  21. Zhyvora

    The game looks sorta promising. Gonna see how this plays out when it gets pushed to global release.

  22. Asaka Kouhai

    do u live in korea to play the full game?

  23. Asaka Kouhai

    also parts of the music reminds me of titanic lol

  24. Sam Mathew

    Those thighs don't match the waist xD
    I know what they were going for but I prefer a proportional girl.

  25. Extremely Cheez


  26. Extremely Cheez

    For me it's the US!!! >.<

  27. Loligamix

    Latín América for me but that never happend :(

  28. owneddiagonal

    Can you create old chars? I mean a fucking Gandalf would be fucking great.
    Or atleast the Tera human male with the "older" face. Looked pretty damn mighty. Sadly tera is shit.

  29. eDust

    Steparu could u pretty pleaaaase make a video for Lyn as well? ♥.♥ I wanna see the medium size ones.. Are they way different than the smallest ones? :3

  30. Yong Boon Lim

    can u show male gon on destroyer? =X

  31. Jason Zhou

    can there be a male version for assassin?

  32. ash0787

    the music sounds awesome in this game

  33. john jairo_Garcia

    donde se puede descargar el juego

  34. VanessaKimme

    Is it an English version?

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