Blade & Soul Online Happy Holidays Loli Christmas Outfit

Just wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!
The latest outfit from B&S and shiny antlers!
It really looks cute with my glasses.

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  1. KotPelmeshka

    She's too cute … Even she's unbeautiful couse her cuteness

  2. Setonex

    Overdose of KAWAII ^_^

  3. Setonex


  4. bogdan19902

    steparu what are u doing to her ? look at her unhappy face. something is going on behind the covers

  5. Al Kai

    What's the bgm ? its rly nice OO

  6. Neta Wasserman

    Are these functional in any way? Or do you still "wear" your armor like this is an extra equipment slot that you wear over your armor?

  7. blaze

    we want this for europe ffs!

  8. MrTechnova


  9. BasicallyTiktok

    he guess he made her strip and used the physics on her boobs(if u know what i mean (o.< )

  10. Miriromi13

    Or under the covers, rather.

  11. ElfShalom

    that huge thing on the back reminds me of Kog'maw O.o

  12. YorichigoSama2

    Nop the outfit does nothing, it's just for show.

  13. sheggy agogo

    jeezzzz…. just hoping this game will be open beta in early month

  14. owneddiagonal

    Can you please tell me the OST of this area? PLEASE




    12. 반달호수(Half-Moon Lake)

  16. Tingly Bubbles

    So cute *w*
    Merry X-mas, Steparu ♥

  17. Hetherlum Productions

    The game has been out for a while now.

  18. Sung

    Kawaii *—*

  19. Fox Box

    I approve of Loli Christmas. Very cute outfit <3

  20. oFaded

    This game needs to come out for NA already and your outfit makes me very jelly.

  21. (less)

    No seriously COME OUT IN NA D:


    Don't really care about the loli shit, graphics are nice though.

  23. Yanguria

    God damn it Steparu, you want us all dead.

  24. Steven Guades

    yeah kawaii!

  25. Steven Guades

    base on bo pae system

  26. Kirigaya Kazuto

    Is the game out in English

  27. UndiscoveredVirus

    no, probably not even close

  28. Acrotecher

    ♫ Have a holly loli Christmas ♫ It's the best time of the year ♫

  29. TheBlackDemiGod

    Hey this has nothing to do about blade and soul but is it true dungeon stirker obt will begin in april 24 and how can i play it b4 theb and after cbt 2?

  30. --

    Why all ur chars looks Sad? always..

  31. Rafael Rodriguez

    Why is there a crying taunt?

  32. MrTechnova


  33. Taha Moon

    She's so Cute O.o

  34. YoungerOstrich9

    this much cute should be illegal…..

  35. Nora Fox Boy

    Awwwww, so cute!

  36. Fayte

    She's so sweat I just got diabetes

  37. Lucas Dragoon


  38. C o f f e e W e e b

    And then she put the pig tails on… O.O

  39. Tory

    How do i get christmas outfit in Chinese blade and soul.. Directions.. screen shots.. Help :/

  40. marcello james

    Are u know where to get the Santa hat

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