Blade & Soul Online Gunslinger Teaser Trailer and Page

It’s finally coming to KR! New teaser page just went up!
격사 — Shooter — Maestro — Gunslinger — 10th Job —

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Комментариев: 26
  1. Lyo Rin

    First pwalah

  2. Atyde24

    I wanna see moooreeXD

  3. KingNoob

    bout damn time this class came.

  4. mike ANDREA

    owh this game still exist :v

  5. Monopojogus X

    This coming us 2

  6. joe junior

    finally coming to kr and not long enough (not as long as na and eu) it will be on tw and cn

  7. Richard AP

    I like it!

  8. Ren Sieghart

    It haven't die yet :v just dump it, Gunslinger ain't saving it from being trash.

  9. Tyrel Blaxis

    Nobody wanted a gunner, so boring and ulgy, everybody wanted something more elegant et beautiful like an expert in spear like Judith in tales of Vesperia, so much better.

  10. AvenMai

    Its funny how many idiots think this will be global release :D

  11. Lunashiro

    Ow boy am so excited about this. Gunners' are us my favorite class in most of the games #hype

  12. Cunior

    I preffer striker in black desert XD

  13. Tory

    Wish the NA servers didn't suck for b&s

  14. TheLittle Warlock

    New class :'v Finally :'v

  15. Riddif Mandela

    Wait is this mean another class?. Wasn't that minigun girl already there before?

  16. Asmut Ryuran

    Oh come the fuck on! This game needs to die already and to be reborn in the UE4.

  17. cyrhas marshall

    Bring back final fantasy in the next expansion please

  18. 鬼Gozu

    not even a little game play preview? ugh!

  19. Dark Wish

    Teaser, more like a combination of shit cinematics that are 10 years old

  20. Kurisu

    The name fits a little bit. Yet isn't the Kr version of the game suppose to go f2p at the same time or is it already f2p. Well either way i hope they did really good and didn't mess it up i mean it is one of the reasons they didn't make the class until now.

  21. Kayndashians 2

    guys its not only for korea, it will be for eu and na, and for those who says it isnt, we will just see :)

  22. Steve Phrasavath

    Nice alright & thanks!

  23. Charme Null

    wanted bow and arrow class or exclusive yun class :(

  24. Professor Q

    Oh he'll yeah DOo hype!

  25. hard mode

    Hey, wouldnt be nice if instead of a new class that 10% of the B&S fans would posibly use they made some new skills for the already made classes?

  26. mohid ahmed

    So when is N/A getting it? And do we get a free additional slot?

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