Blade & Soul Online Guild Party Spiral Lab Dungeon HD 1080p

Having fun with guild mates :3.
This dungeon is exciting!

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  1. Uisdean911

    When can i play it…. And from the looks of it I gonna be the only male char ^^. Please hurry already, cant wait to play

  2. Viotex_Nex

    do you know when this will come to be available for play

  3. UnFUndead

    The picking up of bosses seems a little unfair. Whats your take on it?

  4. Michael Freeman

    That's some crazy attack speed

  5. exussful

    Waaah ~_~ Now that I see you playing Destroyer (and it looks awesome) I can't decide whether to go with KFM or Destro xD

  6. bogdan19902

    show some arena pvp if u can :D 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3

  7. ultama7


  8. Emunk Danoti

    steph, live stream?

  9. GBO2 gameplays

    That destroyer class is pretty bad ass..
    Still waiting for this game.. :'(

  10. MDKAI

    pretty locale~

  11. call me kujo

    How do you record in such high detail for youtube?

  12. LostMyFinger

    Loli Power, proud to be a member

  13. lizxfiasco

    QQ..want to play this so bad. This makes me want to play this class and the KFM..

  14. Essence Zz

    Oshi here. Started playing BnS again step? Nice to see sam getting his 8th floor weapon and more lolis getting spiral runs haha. I am on break probably until next big patch. Don't miss me too much LOL. Tell everyone I said hi ^^

  15. Enki Enkid

    Steparu how do you know what to skill or what should you buy and all the other things?
    isnt the game in korean language? : o and how did you get this game ? :D :D

  16. Essence Zz

    Nothing atm. Trying to finish uni before another MMO sucks me in and I end up dropping out lol.

  17. SirSpaceboots

    check out that minimap. Imaginative dungeon design.

  18. BodyGuard4Niki

    I really want this in NA but atty the same time I'm sure it won't do good in the long run just because of how people here are just Meh to games after a week

  19. Damian mao

    Ha I like your backround its nice .

  20. Robert Reeves

    You always look like you're having tons of fun in B&S. I can't wait to give this game a try.

  21. gipro1

    Hey Step, what video card do you have? I think it would be a great idea if people put their rig info in the description. Why does nobody do this?

  22. VengeanceCoffee

    How did you get online? I downloaded it and i only get a server with no people on it :(

  23. VISAA2

    Is this tera?

  24. Arcady

    Very nice. I really want to play this and check it out.

  25. AverageGuyTV


  26. Enki Enkid


  27. Kenjataimu

    My guess is early 2014 considering there are no plans for it coming to the west.

  28. nothollowed

    Not completely true actually. It has been on the NCSoft NA website for quite some time now.
    So, I would say 2014 is a bit far out, but as we all know, not completely impossible :/

  29. Kenjataimu

    Oh….yeah…my bad lol.

  30. Azazelmu

    Aww man! All these good MMOs coming out. BnS, Archeage, ESO…. Where am I supposed to find time to live life….

  31. TassadarGR

    tera when title says clearly "Blade & Soul Online".right

  32. TassadarGR

    this class is like this but only for bosses since they don't move so often like payers do.its skill cancel or something like that so he can spam one of his highest dps skills for faster kill.pvp is totally different from what you see even if he play the same class.go play tera where people hit for 75k dmg and 1-hit kill,1-hit half your hp gone etc

  33. TheDarkwield

    Why is this game so FREAKING AWSOME

  34. dawgyv72

    Two completely different games, how the heck can you even compare mario to street fighter?

  35. VonVoltaire

    How the heck can you even compare Mind Sweeper to Pong?!

  36. dawgyv72

    How can you compare frog poop to water slides!?

  37. Mevrys

    This game sucks !
    Why ? continue reading :)
    all you have to do is smash keys and bravo … rolf !!
    no strategic gameplay no skills nothing ..!
    Many bugs after just watching 5 min video lol
    The only good thing is Graphic and animations .:bitchplease:.
    If you agree thumb up , if not reply :p

  38. Seulji

    That combat looks delicious…

  39. slan987

    Hi, just wondering, when will this realise so that people not from asia play it?

  40. KAzzo

    the hair gave me a headache :PP

  41. LordGwynn

    Are all the dungeons faceroll easy like this one?

  42. K Twin

    how do you get that hair? (its amazing)

  43. clydelle maitum

    Damn that was fast !!!

  44. Younesse Loutry

    crazy flays

  45. Leonid Toshchev

    and where is full hd? oO

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