Blade & Soul Online Destroyer Gameplay Dark Bloody Shark

Needed my daily Blade & Soul fix so I went to poke stuff.

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  1. ultama7


  2. dcofjapan

    theres a lot of purdy jumping and love the sprint. just want them to get rid of the scripted jumping and allow us to jump like that :D would be awesome

  3. MOStein

    lol the game is p2p dude.

  4. kaybo

    It's P2P bro,

  5. Yoo Ten Sill

    God damn this game is so beautiful! I hope it goes f2p like TERA. Speaking of TERA how does it compare to this game? I'm assuming Blade is better, but they both seem good. DAMN, such a beautiful game.

  6. Joseph Rosario

    tera looks good but it failed Epicly it had looks but nothing more

  7. Joseph Rosario

    i knew it was going to fail the moment i saw it i just knew and it came to pass.

  8. Joseph Rosario

    na it was not a same, the game sucked, chr creation was bland and generic, story did not exist, crafting was a fail, PVp was soo bare bones that it was like a time machine back to the first mmo.
    the only thing that game had was a good combat system and that is it.

  9. RexZor

    steparu question is this game P2P or do you have to pay a monthly sub or is it F2P

  10. Sleepii

    I envy you so much dude. Seriously… I wish I could play all these games D:

  11. nerunastus

    Hi Steparu do u think these dungeon ill work well with my video-card? ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2

  12. Tingly Bubbles

    It's currently Pay to Play in Korea.

  13. Andrew Callahan

    God, i am torturing myself watching these B & S Vids I wanna play so bad! =(

  14. Fenechka Video

    this game is free?

  15. Karliah

    so out of all the classes, which is your favourite?
    The one that keeps you entertained througout leveling

  16. D59 280

    fck yehhh Destroyer ftw

  17. PaterFrog

    Gon with Axe. Jin with Axe. Kun with Axe. Axe with Lyn.

  18. exussful

    Destro sure looks nice :D But i want a Lyn KFM -3-

  19. SD BnS

    Well I played Lyn Assassin :D

  20. Gustav Ahlberg

    Is this class a heavy damage dealer? cause i prefer classes like these :o
    Like in Tera, the zerk's are soo epic :o
    Though, my problem is having to choose between an elegant blademaster or an hardcore destroyer :(

  21. xRagnaroK


  22. Conner Cho

    Hello! I'm a big fan, I'm trying to choose between two classes to main, soul fighter and destroyer but I don't know which one. I both equally like them, any advice?

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