Blade & Soul Online Dark Bloody Shark 24 Man Raid 3rd Boss Fight

Just two of them and a lot of us!

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  1. Niburu Illyria

    what he said :D
    i love seeing your vids

  2. Neta Wasserman

    haha, loved the end when everyone ganged up on one of them, that looked ridiculous :p

  3. ShowXTime777

    Raid Version of BSH?


  4. Setonex

    Ou you have a new costume i see)

  5. Aurora

    This is so unfair.. I want this came sooo bad :'(

  6. Animurh

    Wish I could play this *.*

  7. charms0211

    Why the fights are so messy :( …. too much effects etc. so bad for the eyes… I hope they lower it a bit.

  8. Leonardo Formichetti

    Steparu, I'd like to hear your opinion on Age Of Wulin, the mmorpg that is starting its beta in europe in early 2013, ty!

  9. Nexion


  10. Kalintz

    hard do understand what is going on in battle >.>

  11. Xveez

    damn¡¡¡ the girl who has a number 1 on her head looks soooo cool ¡¡¡¡ >w<

  12. sigel81


  13. zezba9000

    This game looks better then any MMO ive seen. Graphics and game play look rly cool. Is there a trial version? If so would it be playable is the US or are there IP blocks ect…?

  14. UshioSorrows

    Woa!! What are ur pc specs to play so good? :o

  15. Robert Reeves

    Seems you really like B&S. I notice you have a ton of videos for it.

  16. Demyx H

    theres an western release coming next year

  17. zezba9000

    you know of any rumors on when that might be?

  18. Aero928

    Steparu do you no longer live stream on twitch?

  19. Demyx H

    all the info you need ;) (replace dot by .)

  20. A J Hawkins

    What a cluster fuck, I love it!

  21. Yi Li

    wow its a SEISURE WAITING to happen……

  22. Demyx H

    right…because the game is made to beat vindictus…think twice before saying idiocy <_<

  23. Cheerul Park

    No offence, I cannot see any male characters in these videos xDDDD
    I wonder why. . . heh

  24. Cheerul Park

    No wait. . . I saw one!

  25. Yami "Eikoran"

    What are your PC specs?
    I want to see roughly what il need to record and run the game this well :x.
    i dont think this is gonna happen with my single 6800

  26. Wei Lin

    because female characters are too pretty, so all male players choose female charaters

  27. stmkftw12

    so this game is free to play… how looks the shop? :O

  28. Radu Coroi

    If I buy the game I'm going to be the first who has a male char in the game,yay!

  29. Lucía Pacheco Daldés

    Your character has another hairstyle in this video o.O

  30. NhOk RiZ

    :D Is it bad idea to play this on notebook ? :D

  31. ian hawthorne

    :) every charcter you play steparu is cute:D

  32. ian hawthorne

    may i ask how do you understand korean dude?

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