Blade & Soul Online Bots and Hack Teleport T_T

Yep, gold demand too high bots keep coming back even with subscription fee’s lol.
They are also using teleport hack to teleport here and repair and teleport out.
Not so sneaky though…

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    Steparu, how can i get to play this game before the eu version is released. I heard that you have to actually live in korea to be able to play this:(

  2. reka10

    Are you in Korea? O.o

  3. Amber Fox

    PLEASE tell me your race, class, and every items you are wearing!

  4. RainingSunSet

    could have killed one of them who was wearing a pvp set. o,o I know a guy who uses 금강역사 to kill bots on purpose.

  5. Random PlayerMode

    steparu do you know what items are they putting on item mall of tera korea? please!! bites untill start bleeding

  6. Mike The Gamer

    this is why i always undercut the bots. i know my stuff will sell. not in this game though.. other mmos have the same problem.

  7. Mike The Gamer

    the happy little smile on your characters face while dancing made my day. i couldnt help but smile myself. XD

  8. John Doe

    Designing a balanced game economy that provides little incentive for botting or even farming is required to reduce botting to the point where it does not dominate the game environment.

    Korean game design does not address this, which means many of the classic design weaknesses lead to classic exploits — like bots.

  9. TryHardSasquatch

    She's just happy because Steparu let her outside of the basement dungeon today.

  10. kUSO

    I'm now officially a lolicon.

  11. YoraiDragon

    Ah jeez, I tan into a fee bots myself. Bots arr criminals in MMORPGs!

  12. YoraiDragon

    Ran, few*

  13. berzzerker

    steparu when i log to the kr site it says it takes me to a page to download the nc launcher but I donwloaded it from a mirror before can you possibly tell me how to login and just update the game? Not sure which button to press.

  14. lucisac

    Seeing things like this turns me off playing.

  15. foreman lin

    hey steparu is this game still cb in korea or is it play able to all?

  16. Falkorn

    What are the specifications of your PC

  17. Arthran

    Wow…they really all look the same…

  18. NY - Buddy

    *crys* one day i'll be able to play this game…….one day

  19. Apple NBess

    go here /watch?v=erc7oBIw06I

  20. Yass

    So, how u did to understand ur quests ?

  21. RavFrom Yetti

    lmao, how can you walk e,e



  23. NewLaser

    dile q te lo pasen XD y el de full bloqueo

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