Blade & Soul Online Assassin Combos No UI 1080p HD

By the time you hit level 28 you can do some crazy stuff with the Assassin! Some of the skills have quick time effects, which can be turned off. If you guys have any mid level Assassin questions let me know here or on Facebook!

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  1. David Alonso

    :O______ damnn…i need this

  2. Psychno

    It's the fucking Izuna drop from Ninja Gaiden at 0:22 !!!

  3. Jaime alberto Ramirez berrio

    parece al wow con el picaro

  4. SuperDuperSuperb1000

    i wish monster ai was more better

  5. NITESHADOWshouske

    pray to god that they voice overs for English are not going to suck.

  6. Sodisna

    Blade and Soul and Black Desert are what I want in a combat system. No auto-target, auto-attack bullcrap.


    yah cant ejnoy dis game without a beefy computer ahaha

  8. Nun Ya

    So will this ever become available for ps4 or xbox1? I don't have a computer 😞

  9. nice

    noob combo

  10. x_believeme_x

    Why can't use shadow step?

  11. Jinxy Karu

    . Great vid as always .! This vid makes me even more excited for BNS! Really looking forward to the NA/EU release. I hear that the game doesn't really like ping over 200 for certain classes though sigh/ I can't get a low ping where I Live..

  12. Cyber De Guzman

    where did you get that armor? :O

  13. TonyVo

    damn I try to play this game but then I end up stopping and jacking off

  14. Nobuo

    I dont know but if im not mistaken, the dance at the end is tell me by wonder girls?

  15. Kilyén Balázs

    Still cant decide if i should go Assasin or Blade master. Generally pick class by "how the combat looks and feels" . right now i seen Bm to have a slightly better looking, more dynamic combat. Excluding THIS video all i see is assasin "auto attacing" or using 2-3 skill at best…and is perma insvis. Anyone can gimme real facts how it actually is?

  16. Spotmebruv !

    is that the default Jin voice?

  17. dulce periculum

    thanks for this, I'm trying to choose between assassin and force master and this was very helpful to show the fighting style:))))

  18. danny grill

    hey i just started this game but i saw an assassin using this lightning attack looks like resangan or something from naruto atleast thats what it reminds me of, at what lvl do u get that or is it only a specific build where u had to choose pve/pvp/dungeon?

  19. Incapacitate

    like a sombooodie 2:48

  20. Charles Vallé

    That ending combo was .. wow

  21. xevious

    what skill is that at 0:45 that slashes consecutively? it looks like shadow slash but repeated? also what is that spike trap skill at 0:52?

  22. Reeshard Ramjohn

    the spikes on the ground, what skill is that. I am lvl 30 and i dont have that skill.

  23. Jonatas Nogueira

    rip crossed arms stance

  24. Jonatas Nogueira

    rip crossed arms stance

  25. SluggyJK

    How do you use volley whenever you want to? I don't know how to start the combo…

  26. Josh

    ive been trying to figure out what that movie is that attacks them mid air. seems to only go off sometimes.

  27. jorge nv

    estoy con la boca abierta.. joda que bn juego

  28. jorge nv

    ase años no pude descargarlo pero ya se puede

  29. John D

    Camera settings? The camera movement you had was really cool, pity the ui in the game is so cluttered, prefer it to be more minimalist

  30. Alvis Nguyen

    man, i miss the old assasin's pose xD

  31. Toan Nguyen

    where can i get this set too?:D

  32. Level Gamer

    Perfect combo =)


    keyboard chinese O_o?

  34. SubaruTheCar

    Whats this ninja costume? How did you get it

  35. Recondaddy

    what is the name of the outfit? it looks lovely,where can I get it from??

  36. Costas Karavas

    This Video Gave Me Cancer And Leukemia

  37. Bluexin

    Well, I don't know about that time, but now lv28 is the moment you unlock the real fullstealth combo xD (well almost all of it, only need the 4 on lv41/42…)

  38. JuergenGDB

    I have to admit this game is very lovely to look at and play.

  39. Soniel Soni

    why the fuck doesn't it look this god damnamazing on my pc i'm so angry!

  40. kokoro Break

    That combos are shit

  41. michelle Neumann

    how can i record like that ? please tell me

  42. Nana Komatsu


  43. 日陰零時

    this is full Obsidian Serpent set

  44. Dead Meme

    compared to moonlight blade its like someone didn't watch smallville

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