Blade & Soul Online 2.0 Female Gon Character Creation 1080p HD

Decided to make a Blade & Soul 2.0 Test Server character, the customization is still the same, but I haven’t uploaded a Gon version yet. Also testing 1080p Ultra HD quality and see if Youtube still caps down to 30 FPS. Sorry if I skipped some options, was in a hurry to play test server and didn’t want a video over 5gb.

1920x1080p 60 FPS
50,000 Bitrate Quality

Смотреть на YouTube

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  1. AuBurnedLime

    Ok read my words again, one by one. I am personally and deeply tired of seeing every other Korean MMO filled with female characters who look like sex bots. It doesn't matter what lore and universe the game has and how harsh its environment is, shiny, perfect and slutty sex bots are always there for most Korean online games. It means that either korean devs are lusty bastards or they just knowingly thrash their games to attract more young males. What is not clear to you, my darling?

  2. Lesauceify

    Then by all means turn around and leave, let others play the game whom enjoy this style of game, it doesn't make them retarded nor horny little kids.

  3. AuBurnedLime

    Why would I leave? I don't stop anyone from playing it, why are you so butthurt, tell me?

  4. Lesauceify

    Since you do not like the game, why would you stay and complain and moan about it?
    Do something useful with your time instead.
    I'm not butthurt, im just tired of people like you.

  5. AuBurnedLime

    I'm only here because you keep answering lol. I don't give a damn about this game, I just saw this video embedded on one of the news sites I check on and got concerned about another undercover Sex Villa online

  6. Aurora

    Can you do another one of this with a kun character pretty please? :)

  7. CrAZzYbUNnAy

    love the soundtrack! *.*

  8. Lee Yang

    AuBurnedLime….. Keep yr 2 cents to yourself lawl… Purposely trying to irritate people haha

  9. 86Corvus

    the character looks like it is suffering from a rare genetic disease….

  10. 해파리맛사과


  11. 해파리맛사과


  12. Repent3nce

    Gon master race.

  13. True Assassin

    Come international server, I want to come play it …. kkkkk 2014 arrives soon!!
    I think it will not stand the wait, I sleep until 2014

  14. blaze

    Aion (The previous Game of NcSoft) has a pretty dope one.

  15. Boxvoko

    I want to love this game, but the gameplay doesn't look that good :/

  16. DustApple

    Was very close to downloading Ragnarok Online 2, but this wipes it out clean. Wow, this is lovely. It's not pay to play, is it? Wooow, I can't get over it, I've never been attracted to MMO type games but this is just so lovely!

  17. Dianna Tagaban

    Can't judge gameplay until you try it yourself! :D

  18. Justice

    I really want this and PSO2 for NA this year.

  19. marco alves

    Steparu can u talk me how can i play Blade and soul Pls i realy want to play i play alot a games but no one is realy that nice like Blade and Soul can u help me PLS???

  20. Boxvoko

    I guess that's true, but from what I've seen it doesn't appeal to me… If there's a trial or something I'm definitely trying it, but I'm not super hyped for it, as I would love to be :(

  21. Sevenyxxtimes7xx

    Just faped…

  22. 169Phoenix


  23. Fas7Blas7

    the music just PWNS :)

  24. Captain Space Doomer

    PSO2's customization is beyond nice. It's practically too much!

  25. Richard Oak

    womens with oversized legs. lool

  26. xShiro

    this background music is so awesome!

  27. Fas7Blas7

    Whoa, as Minilody said the bg music is epic! i hit it straight up to the max on the surround and i must say its even more kickass!

  28. tanny kanny

    who cares

  29. tanny kanny

    If you get horny from 2 second panty shots then you might wanna hurry up and finish puberty.

  30. tanny kanny

    Then don't pay attention to it, it's really that simple.

  31. Riftzeh

    It's fan service bro. Most mmo players tend to be male. When it comes to character customization they tend to give options like waist size, breast size, etc to please the male consumers out there. Back in the day, when game producers first introduced a gender choice, their main thing behind it was so girls could play girls and guys could play guys. Well that obviously changed. Now a days its if you don't like fan service you choose male. If you do like it then choose female.

  32. Ikhide Moh


  33. Riftzeh

    Personally i choose both. Not gonna lie, i am a fan of fan service. But I also like to play as a male to think a long the lines of that character being me.

  34. 0utta S1TE

    Do you use a game pad?

  35. Chasing Highs

    I would spend hours trying to create my ideal girl

  36. Chasing Highs

    will it tell you how tall she is and her measurements when you're done lol

  37. JeyVGaming

    Holy sh*t.. dat boob physics xD

  38. Albert Pavliukovic

    Blade & Soul … U NO IN ENGLISH YET ???!!!

  39. Riftzeh

    Nice Sarcasm.

  40. svinspett

    What is this song? Amazing soundtrack in this game

  41. ai i

    they were referring to the people playing the game. not the characters themselves. it's common knowledge that 90% of the female characters you see in mmo's are actually men in real life.

  42. Littlemiss Wai

    As a woman,i'd rather play a sexy character with shape than a stick figure with no assets while fighting.The combat and graphics are by far excellent and superior,imo.why do people feel disturbed if they claimed that they are not distracted by those following features.We are not talking about mainly fanservicing Scarlet Blade but rather an actual game with really good combat style.There are alot of decent dobok outfits for you to wear rather than the undergarment you see in character creations.i really love this game<3

  43. ElazulsCore

    Creating a personalized Gon character is one of the most satisfying things I've done in any video game from the 80s up till this very day.
    The dev team just 'gets it', with the customization features. (I also love the theme song, it paints a picture of melancholic/legendarily grandiose feelings)

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