Blade & Soul New Emoticons & Lyn Valentine Outfit 1080p HD

I resubbed to B&S, bought Valentine Outfit.
Then played around with the new cute Emoticons.

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  1. Rodel Newton

    Yeah, I'd rather wait. Instead of getting shit voice actors and translations.
    They're also updating it for us, north americans. The harsh reality is we do hate grind, which Koreans adore. They're fixing the leveling rate to our rate, Koreans has tons of gaming houses while we had a couple. You can imagine how seriously they take gaming then how much we do.

  2. Rodel Newton

    Yeah, Archeage is going to be like GW2. We're going to hype it, it's going to come out to be extreme balls. Then the whole dynamic scene will be meh, because honestly it's a null & void feature. Everyone thinks it's amazing to have this "Sandbox MMO" but the game still has point and click combat.

    Quest are still the same quest hubs (Remodeled) Everything else other then the sand box is generic it'll get old..

    Bless, lets not even mention that generic crap. Black desert & B&S is where it's at

  3. Buraddo Bruddah

    i've played it to the level cap 45.
    tera has much more content alrite.
    BnS has better char editor and
    unfortunately it's the game's best

  4. Rodel Newton

    F2 changes the point and click play that the private server has. Point and clicking isn't viable in pvp either. The game is about timing, don't worry. I completely agree with you about GW2 except the nice pvp, lacked luster for me. I was talking about it with a couple of friends that play B&S, Leveling to 45 is actually fun apparently. They said they couldn't play any other game while they were playing B&S. They said these exact words (they signed in to tera fought a bam then Logged to B&S)

  5. UmU-Kingu

    Grrr, damn you Asia for making us Americans cry.

  6. Christian

    Now she looks oiled, but thats not really bad XD

  7. MilkyMilkbowl

    That's really adorable!!!

  8. Valde

    It's the first time i'm crying for a game.

  9. NY - Buddy

    Im making Platinum the Trinity when i get this game, CALLED IT

  10. Enzo Matrix

    So freaking cute…Can't wait to make my own.

  11. Desu VR


  12. Seulji

    Omg.. I swear I CAN NOT. Wait another year if that's how long it's gonna take for this to come out..

  13. Bingbongchingchog

    I'll take 7 please.

  14. Imperiom

    they are changing all the "naughty" stuff (and what does the game so unique) … so, they have a lot of hard work.
    BITCHES!!! If they do change and touch things to this game I will cut their balls!
    Just translate and copy-paste the game to the west. No big deal!!

  15. Lordofthenipplerings

    barbie doll skins. I remember someone made a real skin mod with stretch marks and moles for a different game.

  16. Tage Tageson

    I uguu'd in my pants.

  17. trainguy111

    How do you sub to blade and soul? I wanna play the English beta!!!

  18. name string


  19. Civil Dusk

    I cant wait any longer…. JUST TRANSLATE AND GO T.T

  20. The Rizza

    yea I hop they don't change this game all around before it hits NA—like they did with Tera..

  21. Brittany Malcolm

    Wouldn't it tale alot to translate bcuz of the cut since and they still work in with cbt3

  22. Rusted Heart

    We need a lyn kung fu master

  23. 해파리맛사과

    Ha ha ha ha im korean!!

  24. shutter


  25. Cybercito

    that's awsoweme game , a lot ppl cant wait for play this Q_Q,

  26. Kanond Sriyabhandha

    the power of loli…

  27. Rawr Kuma


  28. Rusted Heart

    Ok this looks like my little sister with out the overly long pig tails

  29. jamma apma

    . . . . Hnnngh

  30. maeda01

    me think the character designer is a 'leg' man ;)

  31. 姜京桥

    when US server out?

  32. Drop Mask

    which the command to dance? 

  33. Tokios


  34. Kevin Lynch

    2015 and B&S is almost here. CBT this fall and then… Winter is Coming

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