Blade & Soul Maestro vs Poharan Dark Shadow Bullets

Trying to make do with my ping 200ms ping from USA.
I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but this job seems really OP!
Using Poharan’s BGM Remix from Master X Master. :D — Game Site EN — Game Site KR

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Комментариев: 38
  1. Pufferfox Pufferfox

    Hey Steparu!

  2. orrthehunter

    Battle of the Flatice! Which Flat chest has the better Justice!

  3. Quanixz

    Does marstro play like warlock? Want to give it a go when it reaches the european severs but I'm worried That it will feel to similar to warlock.

  4. Dog Person

    I might start playing BnS again, just for this….

  5. Kwality

    Damn destroyer must have really thrown them far during the original launch trailer
    Must have been a tough journey coming back

  6. TripleBlack AkaMrPHD

    every time I see how many subs you have I always think to myself you should have a lot more.

    so many games I wouldn't have heard about on my own I know cause of you. thanks you

    but what games do u mainly play tho?

  7. lolカップ

    Cant't wait to play this class, nice video Steparu :))

  8. InsertCD

    le wild robotaru ' o']/

  9. Lag BnS

    How many ping do u have in korea?

  10. Yohji

    Steparu are you interested in Ashes of Creation at all?

  11. Bork

    looks like this almost dead game is still alive.

  12. ForteOscura

    Thank you for your hard work~ o7

  13. KayAndroid

    Awesome video as usual Steparu :)

  14. Idan Kelman

    When will this class be available in Europe servers? I

  15. Ferrick

    lol poharan can finally get a taste of her own medicine, cold hard lead boners

  16. Emanon

    Nuuuuuuu!! Don`t beat Poharan-chan!!

  17. Augusto Vicente

    VS ? more like you hitting a lagged guy… lol

  18. namingsway

    This class released in us already ?

  19. Andrew Mochalov

    ?yo steparu this damage is clean gear right like the basic one you get at the very beginning
    you got yourself sub +1

  20. Shaolan

    u used to play this game fine ! how come

  21. Danku

    I am so sad this class is getting a release after I lost my interest in the game… now I can't even run it properly.
    Thank you for all the coverage

  22. It is ReVeRzi

    Well, by far the best class and by the time it releases in the west BnS will probably have the playerbase of 500 players and 10,000 bots

  23. GolemPlay

    Long Live blade & Soul! (Steparu pc spec please)


    the Maestro skills animation is bad. BM skill animation still the best in B&S

  25. TrueNorth

    Steparu, why do you have no game play on warlock? Did you just not like the class or??

  26. MegaChaos91

    Wonderfully executed, Step.

  27. Alfred Chen

    Hi Is Gunner class out on US and EU server?

  28. Dragoon-BB

    oh you can finally be the "immersion" breaking gun class.

  29. RyanCooper101

    200ms isn't that bad

  30. Nox_Atra Wendigo

    I just call it gunner lol, it is sounds way to much better than maestro…xD It's just sounds like a bandmaster in a concert. XDDD

  31. GerryG sierra

    i think that character maybe will be a excuse to get back to blade and soul when they release it in NA

  32. Argroh

    do want.

  33. TheCyrcus

    When I first heard of a gun class I thought it sounded dumb, but this actually looks pretty dank af.

  34. jeronimo andres

    but the poharan dont move … XD … jajajaja … where is the vs?? … =_=

  35. Raditya Melvin

    Lookin nice even with 200ms :)

  36. Akasiization

    look the same as the gunner class in Revelation Online

  37. Max Voodoo

    lol new charr gunner agen next bunny overpoweredd….keep play and spending….NCmoneysuckers

  38. Genaki Ningen

    Idk why, but I'm just not feeling this class…
    When the WL and the SF were revealed I was into them and am currently on a WL after returning to the game…SF though…I had one before I left, but idk if I should start over as I hear bad things about them now. I was looking forward to this so I can have a Yun character…but…..eeeeeeh. It looks as boring as the BM is to play (that's what I also play as).

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