Blade & Soul Maestro Gunner Training Room Skill Preview

My first 13 minutes of trying out Maestro / Gunner training room.
Needs good ping for rapid fire action similar to KFM hyper punch. More Information

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  1. Kenopsia Phyx

    Steparu can you pin me fam

  2. x-Tomoko

    Omg thanks for coming back to blade and soul I love these series

  3. Yixing wife

    You think which one fire or shadow will be better for pve?

  4. TripleBlack AkaMrPHD

    I can't wait to get my hands on this class I love gunners myself

  5. spooky

    Funny. Wl and Sin got a nerf but the gunner to be go hyper overpowered

  6. Lypse

    Gunner is my fav class, so I'm hella hyped it's available in BnS now

  7. FruitsbootG

    Holy shit jin has 50% of the classes

  8. ai i

    kun / yun has gunner. heck yes!!

  9. Jackie Chatt

    plz add sword to this job so it would be dmc like XD than ill def play this job

  10. __

    warlock on steroid

  11. Yukimabi

    They outright had guns since the start, and even one of the 8 masters was a gunner. How are people that delusional into thinking guns don't fit in bns?

  12. Lovely Threat

    idk for some reason i think they should've made it Gon and Yun/Kun. Gons with guns just seem more badass than jin to me lol.

  13. Joven Palada

    "JIN again come on this race is overuse put it also in Yun race this is racist" Ahmm that was what im about to say kahump kahump kahump :V

  14. Bloody Moon

    No Gon Gunner…dislike

  15. Jay Zoldyck

    How'd you get your character that?

  16. rafael12104

    Shit. How long does NA have to wait? Anybody know? I am in. I'm thinking I'm going to change my Jin from an assassin to a gunner.

  17. Tenshi Hinanawi

    que mal que ya no tengo pc que lo corra

  18. captainAKAcapt

    how did you made all skill buttons visible in ui? I mean q e f ss

  19. Bama

    The dps from the gunners is going to be from another planet man, rip FM

  20. Truls Erkers

    No Lyn gunner Feelsbadman

  21. Lord Metallium

    Finally my main has arrive now i can join Blade and soul freaking finally!

  22. Michael B

    i had an essays worth of crap to say. that i remember, but i dont remember word for word of what i wanted to write down in regards to this class…… i'll just leave this with "looks cool, do want"

  23. Nopperabo

    When will be released ?

  24. Seila

    Well I guess another ping dependable class.

  25. Cresitonia

    she's so cute.

  26. Neil Thompson

    I'm sorry for asking again, but now that you have bns downloaded again could you share your blade dancer body sliders…?

  27. Kalroth

    Haven't played BnS in a while but this class looks amazing. Are the gold spammers still as cancerous as ever?

  28. Huston Kerlick

    Please for the love of god Ncsoft just release it in NA

  29. Delandre Devonish

    when is this damn class comin out for eu and na severs

  30. Kenshi Razza

    i so sad for steparu's love to lolis( bcs i hate it. i don't want to see and play 5 years old girl( btw my name is Stepa and i'm from RU xD

  31. ZetsumeiAngel

    Rekinned Forcemaster

  32. หัวหน้าแก๊ง ฟันเหลือง

    เข้าไทยซักทีเถอะ หนูอยากเล่นตัวนี้

  33. TooNorm

    So does that mean Hong Master will teach you how to use Gun in campaign ? Lol Hongmoon now teaches Cricket how to fight with bullets and guns

  34. Mobile Players

    This class is fun, when will English ver have it?

  35. Adventure Phu Nguyen

    I can't wait for the class

  36. futuRe

    sad that u can only have pistols.

  37. Tom

    Imagine if the Gon had their own version of this… I'd give that bitch a canon! Bitches love canons…

  38. SomeThingFawFul

    If i only my laptop could run it. Damon you uni life

  39. Ivan

    how you can move you skill form LB to 4??


    i can't get that timing on 5:31

  41. CHILLER18883

    how you can left trainings room in bns china after boosting warrior at lv 50?

  42. masterofinfinity479

    english would've helped a lot

  43. Ru Miak

    whiplash resist is only for asians

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