Blade & Soul Maestro Duel CG Trailer

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Комментариев: 46
  1. abay yoo

    hope that outfit come free in tw just like when warlock released in NA we got free tempnation outfit. you guys know Tw region more pay to win or pay to get stuff. its truly awful…

  2. King Of Pandaz

    Hnnnnnnnnngggggg. I need this ;-;

  3. Max Ulrich

    9s + Dante

  4. Liedral

    Lol.. why the heck you using a rifle leerok? Sniper type rifles are for extreme longrange, pistols for close-longrange such as the guy who's charging straight at you.

  5. Kiva The Shinobi

    If the bring this game to ps4 everyone going to to it

  6. Tredfr456 yuy655t

    oh look older 9s…

  7. Ko Ko

    9s ?

  8. Katae

    Im fangirling right now SO HARD.

  9. Last Walts

    so when is this class coming out in TW??

  10. Kenshi Razza

    that way it was fight of 12 years boys make it all soooo….not cool. Btw it's not cg, looks like UE4

  11. Jeremías Azcona

    it reminds me of Monty Oum's animation.

  12. Shiro Harra

    9s!!!!!!!!!!! <33333

  13. Creative Cookie

    They should do this kind of shit for all the cutscenes in bns

  14. 검은 까마귀

    A: want to try my game?
    B: what game?
    A: BLADE and soul
    B: nice, what class did you use?
    A: the one that use GUN and RIFLE
    B: . . .

  15. RyuKatanaTV

    Proof Ncsoft is greedy : They didnt make 2 females battle it out so they didnt have to animate boob physics.

  16. Auron447

    how is a random gunner beating and wining against Leerok ,one of the eight masters ,and a gunner him self ?wtf?

  17. Rob Allen

    wow, I will have to give this a try when it comes out..

  18. N1ghtShot

    man, i can;t get this game to run on more than 10 fps….wish i can play, win10 sucks lol

  19. Miki Shura

    it's so beautifull!!!!!!!!! <3<3 0_0

  20. Mini Quách

    0:57 ping jump over 9000

  21. Paulo Guerra

    Puta qur pariu esse jogo é do caralho!

  22. Dream Is Fun

    hi step may i know the release date for tw gunslinger

  23. D T

    Wtf dante In BnS !!!

  24. Кот

    The start reminds me Equilibrium final fight

  25. Moswerty

    Gun fu

  26. night mendo

    does anyone think that looks like ryu

  27. Gami Kuro

    9S + Dante = the guy in red :v

  28. Clark Trinidad

    9s and dante 😂

  29. Dexyu

    Equalibrium any one?

  30. Shaun Benneth

    What's the class of the guy with the rifle?

  31. SOS *Marco*

    The matrix :)

  32. Ar BuZiK ;3

    Мне ганнер Очень нравиться и я люблю сним играть И уровень уменя 55 9

  33. Hung Nguyen
  34. Chrollo

    Why the fock does this dude have a backpack. seriously

  35. Noot Scoot

    points at blonde DADDY CAN I HAVE HIM??!!

  36. AngelOfDaydreams

    9S meets Zephyr from Resonance of fate?

  37. PerFight

    Can i know youre contact sir??

  38. _Hoster_

    Where i can get that music?

  39. Kawaii Desu

    Is that weapon skin available ingame?

  40. Đăng Khoa

    Trailer gunner bestter warrior

  41. Kana Risuki

    This is lit 🔥🔥Never play this class before. I should try 🤔🤔🤔

  42. Pygmy Puff

    God, Leerok is so handsome!!!

  43. boof stain

    Who the hell made this a game? They better make a damn final fantasy style flick

  44. Neko GMV

    wtf so smoothie O_o

  45. Read more

    misses every shots

  46. 정지훈

    xl hamburger set

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