Blade & Soul Gameplay Force Master Pew Pew Pew Pew

First time playing Force Master, decided to login my friends char.
I almost died, because of one error lol… XD I like to Pew Pew Pew

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  1. Gothic

    Pewpewpew indeed.

  2. powerfight5

    How are they overall, in pvp and pve, when compared to BM and KFM?

  3. LostMyFinger

    steparu, do u mind posting the skill build :D

  4. Fabricio Ferreira

    ur using controller?

  5. Fabricio Ferreira

    I cant wait to play this game!

  6. Seulji

    How did you download this? o.o

  7. Tang热筹

    The free camera makes it so much more awesome. It almost feels like one of those devil may cry games

  8. Sỹ Tiến

    each boss have its own pattern, but some might mess up sometime if u do it wrong

  9. DagicCross

    super mario? jump and hit :3

  10. SuperOxm

    this wizard does not have any aoe skills?

  11. RegnorakFR

    hehe, it's Jax.

  12. JAHD Official

    Well if you read ncsoft website they said they will release it when they think its ready meaning no release date just when they think its ready. So lets just be patient for just s little longer :-)

  13. KAzzo


  14. KAzzo

    lvl1? o.o

  15. Dave Classique

    IIRC, Steparu mentioned something about a cinematic camera option, but don't take my word for it.

  16. Capu Plays

    have guild need invite nick;Capuzinho kfm lvl 38

  17. revyn2

    please more forcemaster vids^^

  18. Raymond John Enguerra

    wow, its a zapper type force master :D
    whats the name of the skill you used?? and how to build a zapper type ^_^

  19. Charles Jenkins

    What is the name of this boss?

  20. TdotJohn

    what kind of ai is this lmao

  21. Mo Mo

    What was your build? i would like to fight like that :)

  22. Vetti !

    Will it be free to play? Is it more pve than pve? If so I'mr eady to pay :D

  23. Digs

    pls, more of force master :)

  24. 小兔叽丶

    haha looks nice,getting like on this job haha

  25. YC

    wow  u did a great job~~~~ pew pew pew  nice  haha

  26. GMG

    Me: Hey Tera Dev
    Tera: Yes?
    Me: This is an action MMORPG
    Tera: If thats that, then wat is ours?
    Me: A rip off….

    "I hate playing so called action games in where u get a skill for dodge in where u side step 3 feet…. WTF??? the mobs are moving ten feet a second!!! And there r those others in where ur rooted to the ground while ur attacking wouldn't make sense for a blade master but it is alright for archers *dur dur… the only magician that does that shit in Gandalf the gay….

  27. jayson panch aresta

    how can you download this game.. lol when they released it in english version lol

  28. Painxx1

    how is Force master in Pvp? the re are few vidoes on youtube

  29. Dan Bee

    Are you people fucking joking me? Second video in a row that I've seen where half the skills aren't even utilized effectively. Come on, let's actually show people what a Force Master can do. This FM is about 65% of its full potential because of how it was being played. Glad you can dodge and hit 4.5 buttons though.

  30. NorwegianGamerINC

    bad gameplay video

  31. Bojan Simonovic

    Can someone post whats that armor?

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