Blade & Soul Fatty Panda Dungeoning Mini Bosses and Trash Mobs

Haven’t played my Lyn Blade Master in awhile, so here is a cute gameplay video with cinematic camera on, don’t get dizzy! There are like four foreign guilds in B&S now so many.

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  1. Dev

    Nice. No one can fatty panda like you fatty panda. Work it.

  2. Dragoon-BB

    how can somthing so adorable be so violant? XD

  3. Kichirou Okazaki

    say I can see crosshairs in the middle of the screen, is this action based, I thought it was the tab system from the earlier videos. I'm really confused now D:

  4. hovsep56

    step im suprised you dint play the korean age of wulin yet :/

  5. 해파리맛사과

    kssn은 어디서 구하셨지?!

  6. Neta Wasserman


  7. Hotbagels

    Candy xD

  8. Mvlberry

    Hey Steparu, any news on the NA release?

  9. Neta Wasserman

    Nah, I have a thing against Lolis :p SORRY! DON'T HURT ME!

  10. Hao Ren

    Shooooo chuteeeeee

  11. Lilith

    So what class is spin to win?

  12. RobertCow

    what's the point of such dungeons if they are so easy ?

  13. Jeno

    Can you speak Korean steparu?

  14. Sly NightY

    what level dungeon was that and how can a blademaster use grip on there foes i thought only Forcemaster do that

  15. shperax

    What a shame. Wildstar looks like a total pass for me.

  16. Jay Yoon

    this is a 45 level dungeon. That is the lyn blademaster that has the grip unlike the "normal" blademaster. It's a Lyn race only class.

  17. Jay Yoon

    potions have 1 minute cooldown. there are jewels in your weapon that allow you to "suck" life from enemies or class specific abilities that you can heal

  18. Joey Knight

    One step closer, along with me. I already got the 1 way plane ticket ready.
    last time i looked, they say BnS will "hopefully" be in 2014. .-.
    Then again, i dont believe the artist knows anything about the dev team. He probably just guessed at a far away date that way he wouldnt look stupid if he was wrong. Anywho. see you in SK.

  19. paku

    can i know ur pc spec?

  20. Sỹ Tiến

    Blood Shark Harbor dungeon, and that is lyn BM, diferent class from BM

  21. Daniel Sarkady

    Dude i love your vids and your website !!!! So much MMOs ive never heard about it, but all soooo amazing!

  22. smokin301

    You better move because the game won't be hitting NA for a while which I gave up a long time ago.

    The game been in development since 2008 and KR got it and CN will be going beta testing this year so yeah we NA playing have to sit back and just wait more and more.

    A lot of player already gave up on the game just becaue NC Soft is playing games with us, I don't have time for games so they can keep the game.

    I'm waiting for Black Desert Online to release which is a promising MMO.

  23. PangyaGamer

    Steparu cute outfit! :O Did you get it from the cash shop?

  24. Jeff R.

    lol which gtx titan ?:O
    And how much cores + GHz is that processor?

  25. Karliah


  26. LightmareNoel

    I want to play this game so bad. I dl this theres so much errors on install for me. Actually the setup for this doesnt even start. If i manage to pass that.

  27. lotuskid999

    do they have blade master classes for that tall lady's race? >:)

  28. aira

    Hahaha so cute _

  29. Viett

    Whoa man, it's been a while since I watched your stream on And now you got yourself a GTX Titan :) gratz man, you should stream more on

  30. lotuskid999

    i like those women with exotic looks :D

  31. lotuskid999

    i bet if this game is released in USA, both of our characters would look the same. :p

  32. lotuskid999

    that would be so cool and freaking awesome. hahaha!! i'll keep in touch via this post on youtube. hahaha!!

  33. lotuskid999

    yush! it seems like you're my long lost sibling from Eu. hahahaha

  34. lotuskid999

    same here sweetheart. :D

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