Blade & Soul 2 World Boss Fights Lyn Destroyer

I found myself semi-autoing this game lately, here are some low-level world boss fights. Higher-end bosses require manual play with one-shot mechanics, I will try to show more field bosses later some are a lot of fun.

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00:00 Blade & Soul 2
00:04 Armored Lizard Boss Breakable Parts
12:03 First Field Boss
17:25 Large Beast Boss that Enrages
25:10 Easy Mini-Boss Good Drops

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Комментариев: 21
  1. Zeph

    Damn, I don't give a fuck!

  2. Dominic

    The combat is nothing like what they showed in the trailer

  3. Asl

    Good for me never tried BnS so BnS 2 just looks hella fine for me, thanks for the video. Hope u doin well!

  4. ililililiilililll

    LineageM = Limeage2M = TricksterM = Blade and soul 2 = Lineage W

  5. Azuno Dilver

    Ncsoft dead company

  6. Vincent

    welp it is definitely BnS = Blade and Sh*t

  7. hasby assidiqy

    go revisit Tree Of savior again,steparu

  8. Tora-Ky

    pathetic game lulz, autoplay/mobile shit game/ so fuckin annoying,a bosse should be epic,not a solo move and some casual moves sometimes,game already dead

  9. Siana

    is this a mobile game BnS ? The UI is 100% like mobile game o_o Game is prettier than before though. But I really don't like the UI

  10. Angel Garcia

    Looks too boring. Don't know if is because a melee class, but combat doesn't look very impactful.

  11. nail inthefashion

    blade and soul without any soul… subpar blade 2

  12. Hayashi Shirou

    just one word "ugh"…

  13. ugene k

    I played didn't like it always ran out of mana.

  14. ugene k

    This game was like Monster Hunter, so sad.

  15. Just Jason

    The graphics and the damage meters looks absolutely clean. Sadly, the game has been downgraded to a mobile game. This is probably just going to end up getting infested by bots if it turns out to be handled by Netmarble once again.

  16. ZedRisou

    People are confused thinking that it's PC version lol

  17. Boogey Gaming TV

    Steparu. I'm having hard time to understand the game how to unlock the skills?

  18. Toan Nguyen

    Can't believe they made this for mobile and not PC. Let's boycott NCSOFT.

  19. D3 x

    Blade & No soul

  20. Mogz

    Sighs… will Korean game developers ever going to learn the lesson that auto mechanics are even worst than gacha in terms of putting people off from playing the game they work very hard on.

  21. 로로

    trash game. 개쓰레기 똥게임 fuck NC

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