Blade II The Return of the Evil — English Dub Gameplay Preview — MAX 2K HD

Blade II just came out today in KR with optional English Voices~!
Here is a preview of me playing through Prologue and Chapter 1. — ARPG — F2P — English / Korean Voice

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  1. abad gonzales


  2. SniperJoe64

    Holy tits.

  3. 看看yoto

    Download ?

  4. Azahrio

    "The Return of the Evil English Dub" xD

  5. Alfonso Rivera

    OMG!!! Looks like a pc game!!! Darkness Rises an this Dark Avenger are a great games!!!

  6. PaPa Frankku

    So bad

  7. PaPa Frankku

    Dat mage voice.. Fucking muricans literally turn her into a musculine bitch..

  8. Duke Nemean

    any NA release date yet?

  9. yoko yokome

    it's not everyday you see a hot elf with wings and her pet XD

  10. Doge 420

    And my phone can't run Fallout Shelter without frame drop.

  11. Shane Green

    For what you played step, do you likr this better than darkness rises or dark avenger?

  12. Shine Onn ENT.

    I though u was saying the english dub was so bad it was evil lol

  13. SJAim Locked

    From what site do you download this kinds of games including black desert? (Pc)

  14. AzureRoxe

    …..this korean mobile game has better english voice acting that most online MMOs in recent years.

  15. Mobile Players

    I only need item's descriptions tranlasted then I don't mind it's from KR

  16. Raptor25

    How did u download it?

  17. Ade Arif R_ 0042

    Aru u using MOMO?

  18. Green Bandit

    These all look the same

  19. Peeps85

    Looks better than some pc games.

  20. Setsu Cutsu

    very nice

  21. Bam boo

    Skills in darkness rise more flashy :v

  22. Eternal Stargazer

    I like the dub😊

  23. Alylyx

    Wow. I'm not into mobile gaming but this gameplay looks awesome. From Snake to this, I feel old. xD

  24. Zyaj Pubgm

    Games like this are pay to win. MORE MONEY-MORE BOXES TO OPEN-MORE BOXES-MORE COOL STUFF. plus, darkness rises is better than this.

  25. Muphet

    english dub before english translation? wtf

  26. Erebus2075

    suddenly the constant break of gameplay flow for cutscene introductions in Shadow of war doesn't seem as bad compared to this -.-

    when they completely miss the point of people saying they want more synchronize action that looks better and they just make it into cutscenes or QTE in cutscenes.
    graphic isn't impressive when everything is qte, cutscenes and like 5 encounters with actual low input gameplay, ridiculously badly balanced, 1shot bosses seems incredibly boring…
    still good graphics but not as impressive as a game although I guess impressive for a mobile game so yer.

  27. dougfax

    When they launch a mobile rpg without the p2w and money grab stuff like Sdorica Sunset did, I would give it a try

  28. Daniel H.

    You had me at boobs

  29. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    Censor is strong in this one.

  30. Serghei Spatari

    Kinda meh… simple beat em up push forward game.

    Design, graphic and animation 9/10.

  31. 0xes Art

    and here i thought no updates meant this will never come out XD and it came out of nowhere lol gonna play RITE NAO!

  32. Bees

    It's already out?

  33. ivaness777

    Did they VPN block it Step? I was playing yesterday then got 2001 error and cant connect anymore

  34. Ravandria Albifardzan

    I dont need dub english.., i need sub english for all content in the game

  35. Jose Chinchilla

    I can't put on ultra resolution in my Xiaomi Note 5, you know why? the option is OFF u.u

  36. DropDeath

    how you download this game.. for me say is not available for my country

  37. Kristofor Piljek

    I dont get it i play it on pc it's not smooth as Steparu game

  38. Kristofor Piljek

    I play it throught BlueStacks

  39. Todor Tr.

    The only thing they have to do is change the text to english, how much long do we need to wait???? JEEZ.

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