Blade and Soul Quest Whack A Mole

My favorite daily quest. Blade & Soul FAQ below.

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  1. Andy Ng

    Steparu it there an english translation for B&S

  2. Tingly Bubbles

    Cuuute >w<

  3. Furorentsu

    Steparu, have you looked into Wildstar (personally) xD

  4. Tsora chen

    steparu what type pc u got
    cuz i wanna get one too

  5. TempRawr

    you would exterminate their species :(

  6. N O Cent

    This game has guns too!?

  7. KeelzYou

    Where on the map is this area? o.O

  8. Hotbagels

    Besides being an awesome quest I love the music in that area. It's my personal favorite in the game. I makes me sad when i go in the main area there and it changes to the not as awesome music xD

  9. Gothic

    Maybe a new class? *hint, hint*

  10. ulasyea

    a bit rude :(

  11. ultama7


  12. ultama7

    Is It Me Or They Are Going To Put A Gun Class In????

  13. F2E002

    Will the China BnS have IP Block against countries?

  14. Felt Anime Piano


  15. Midnightclear chilloutmusic

    is atomix illegal?

  16. Jeno

    0:16 "Chihuahua!" xD

  17. SukixRpG

    O my gosh OoO
    That looks so fun >O<

  18. ultama7


  19. CrAZzYbUNnAy

    Just curios xD

  20. Mariana Pana

    Steparu this is BnS CBT3 or CBT2?

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