Blade and Soul 2 Lyn Gameplay Multi Class System and Gacha Draws

Blade & Soul 2 has a multi-class system where you can change your class anytime you want by equipping different weapons. Two gacha systems at the end where you can bind Monster «Souls» for boosted stats and Gacha «Minions/Pets» for more bonus stats.

00:00 Meow meow meow meow
00:04 Story Destroyer Gameplay
03:14 New Job Healer Gameplay
04:19 Lyn Kung Fu Master
04:53 Open World Destroyer Gameplay
06:56 Kung Fu Master Field Dungeon
09:13 Soul and Pet Gacha Preview

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  2. Green Mosaic

    I don't care for any haters who said this game don't resemble BnS at all and call it a quality of mobile game. To me this is really a big graphic update and the combat still the same as the old version, there's no gender lock and no longer revealing outfit. I don't mind the microtransaction either because spending money is 100% on player choice

  3. Fire n Ice Gaming

    how do i purchase items from the cash shop, I have google pay account ready for purchase but the transaction didn't go through

  4. Soufiane BK

    Flyff 2 could be a great name for this game btw.

  5. Bel

    10:10 LMAO comboing gacha rolls into the "rotation", what a savage. Great video, game is trash.

  6. LiuYe

    Doesnt even have hero collector and a bunch of girl lolis fighting alongside you. lol. How are they going to monetize this game without those features?

  7. Mugetsu

    Lol the action peace that original bns had just got rip. This is so shit lol

  8. ٥ Jae

    registered on same server as you. no clue at all. just leveling/questing as i see fit. can join your guild?

  9. Tora GuuMoonRyoung

    Gaccha, of course! Without Gaccha, it would not be BnS.

  10. Alex M

    Failed mobile game..

  11. Ryuken

    Maan i remember watching your first video about B&S back in the days.. And when i was actually able to play it like 2 years after i saw the video the moment i saw the same place in game where you were on the video ahh the memory hit me. Now i see another B&S video from you ahh the nostalgia.

  12. Hiroko Takashiro

    I love the look of the game if this was on PC with a non mobile style combat i would play it in a heartbeat,as it is now though it can go die in a fire.

  13. Libra

    the hell is this pathetic combat system…

  14. EZ_DAni3L

    Blade and Souls:Downgrade Edition 🤣🤣

  15. Unknown

    I miss u play Justice online😕

  16. Fire n Ice Gaming

    Hi Steparu which application or program did you use to record this video?

  17. Phantom101

    Too bad Blade and Soul 2 is not the PC version. They make it to the mobile version only to get money from people and after that 1 year later the game will shut down. Nowadays MMO developer-only makes MMORPG for mobile like come on, you cannot get PC experience blade and soul with mobile bro. On a mobile phone, the game is auto everything, the combat is terrible, and yeah lag like shit.

  18. Sazoku

    Which do you think is better, Blade and Soul 2 or Marvel Future Revolution?

  19. Mark Louise

    NCsoft ruined BnS franchise game…. btw great video steparu

    BnS> Bullshit & sucks.

  20. Les Cavalier

    The blade master lady looks like a try-hard Jinsoyun. I prefer the original. Thanks for the gameplay Step.

  21. Xeno Striker

    Genshin impact is far more better gameplay 😅😂 way too farrrR

  22. G . G

    i tried it its clearly not for me the cinematics and grpahics are super nice but is empty feels empty we could use those assets for bns 1 tho

  23. TriniExile

    What's with the mobile ui?

  24. Mooncalf

    Not this crap game again

  25. Wolfie71

    Maybe it isnt the same with the feels from old bns, but i honestly think the graphics is beautiful and smooth. The UI is also polished and clean.

    Give it time. No game unleashed its full content from the start. They might start from the basic and introduce many things later on.

  26. Owel James Cenidoza

    Will you be making videos for the upcoming sword girls online?

    I remember years ago when I saw SG on your page it got me hooked up to the game.

  27. Ranakade

    Blade and soul literally took a *blade and cut out the *Soul from this franchise. I'm legit devastated.

  28. at u


  29. Ice Man

    You lost me at Gacha.

  30. Lowki


  31. Владислав

    I don't like it but thank you! <3

  32. гефестыч лайв

    Nice clone of lineage

  33. The Warehouse Club Hanoi

    Is this release yet ?

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