Blade and Soul 2 Gameplay Prologue PC Version Download

Blade & Soul 2 just came out for both the PC and Mobile devices an hour ago. RAW gameplay footage of the first twenty minutes of the game no edits. You can play the PC version easily I made a small guide below.

1. PC Client BNS2-18
2. Run B&S2 / Purple Client
3. Create/Link Google Play Account
4. Click Start Game
5. From Title Screen — Link your Phone USA Phone worked.
6. Select Server (I’m on 명불허진 7)
7. Create Character (Select Gender)
8. Bottom Right is Select Preset, Bottom Left is Customize.
9. Enjoy and Have Fun~

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  1. Steparu

    For those that want to try it out, I uploaded the client.

    1. PC Client BNS2-18

    2. Run B&S2 / Purple Client

    3. Create/Link Google Play Account

    4. Click Start Game

    5. From Title Screen — Link your Phone USA Phone worked.

    6. Select Server (I'm on 명불허진 7)

    7. Create Character (Select Gender)

    8. Bottom Right is Select Preset, Bottom Left is Customize.

    9. Enjoy and Have Fun~

  2. FUNNY VIDEOS Wins and Fails


  3. Dominic

    Blade and Soul 1 has better movement and better action combo. Blade and Soul 2 has the worst combat. Its like see world of warcraft with flashy moves.

  4. Anakin Sepherd

    how much is the size? i didnt like theres half a second lag between the attacks

  5. Alex Kovács

    Ok now im sad because this is trash just a shity auto farm mobile game. Because of this we already can know Aion 2 gona be same :(
    Now i dont have big hope for new Lineage because probably they make mobile version that one to…
    NCsoft its look realy give it up to make mmorpgs :(

  6. Lanz Jeremiah

    How do u hide the mouse cursor in game?

  7. My Romeo

    A lot of these mmos look great and everyone hopes to live in the mmos of the past but these newer mmos are usually a let down because they're gated with PAY TO WIN MODEL. That's why mmos keep on falling down and nobody gives a shit about it. So many potentials but always gated with payment. Dont forget that now there's always gacha in mmos. It's nauseating.

  8. Jukerlaw

    B&S2 using UE4 or 5?

  9. Byron Reitan

    is there any reason why my phone number isnt accepted? its a USA phone number but when i try to put it in it wont work. even after selecting the USA +1 it wont work. its a california number area code idk if that makes any difference.

  10. Nvaier

    Seems very PG-13 compared to the first one.

  11. Ustrel

    We need Aion 2 not this crap.

  12. Genshin Fan Extreme

    And its auto right?…. 😒

  13. StyxMarshall

    how hard play2win is this game ?

  14. id cadangan

    i m delete this game because canot uninstall , fvcking mobo game and korea language

  15. Kirito Kazahiya

    As a Korean ..let me confirm y'all that …This is what we like ….i know outsider might have a different taste ..But like these kinda game ( I mean P2W ..Kanjo waifu collecting shit 😂) Out here we have competition and competitive matches for player coming from China .. Japan and Thailand … Believe me These mmo make more money by whole east Asia in a year then 90 % of the gaming industry …Or you could say out here we literally live in MMO.. Fun Fact 😂 believe me or not but 20% of the population got married in IRL because they found their partner and got married to them in these MMO .. sounds stupid but it actually works

  16. Kien Nguyen

    the problem of the old BnS is that the publisher is too greedy. Every juicy things ingame have to be paid by real money so f2p players can only enjoy parts of the game, not the fully.

  17. SingleCore Studio

    I wish I can understand what they said, but with my very high ping I cant play well on my live stream. Hope they fix their connection for world wide users

  18. Nyan Phyo Nyi

    Is it in English version?

  19. Darnassian Nightsaber

    For a game that was recognizable by animation flow and movement — this is too stiff and watered down. Dont even wanna start with the UI.

  20. Lulu Maverick

    Is this the global version? And is it available in English? Thank you.

  21. WMClaudytza

    Hello,how I get the game in english?will there be a english version?

  22. RavFrom Yetti

    it pains me to see the game that used to be soo amazing turned into a state like this, nothing can be done but still a shame they went with this type.

  23. Nim

    What is this? what am I looking at?

  24. Sycogenesis

    As much as i want to play imtired of going thru hoops to play games lol

  25. Jeffrey Kou

    No wonder NC soft share price have fallen whooping 20% in mere 4 days because B&S2 is disappointingly bad to everyone. NC lost around 4 trillion Won = 3.4 billion USD already.
    NC shouldn't have used same old Lineage2 style pay-walls in this game.. but what can I say? they never learns from past mistake (Trickster M for one, which was total disaster).

  26. Alexej Mensch

    First Boss fight looks borring hart next pay to win shit game.

  27. takeshi yonora

    Looks hot trash, whats with the mobile UI

  28. LK Had

    Hello anyone know how to hide the UI in this game?

  29. Renegade Master04

    this is still a mobile game :D everything auto ewwwwwwwww

  30. Rigmis Terniuan

    Turning on back to the enemy that obviously still alive is pretty dumb for that dude in blue.

  31. Ninjatsu Vaaj

    blade&soul better

  32. dewepeh

    Mokujin lol

  33. Po TeR

    what with the auto attack….genshin also has mobile and pc port but it doesnt have auto attack…haiya

  34. nurdiansyah saputra

    Review Asus tuf A15 FA506IC dong yang pakai Ryzen 7 + RTX 3050

  35. Barkla Butson

    I did like this game when it first came out ,it was tops in my book, playing by yourself is never fun…But will retry it when it comes to west again…Only watch first 3 levels ilike what i seen,also i,m not going to spoil the game by watching our's play the game ..Takes the suprise away from the game when u go to play it….

  36. captainAKAcapt

    Game just launched and they already have a lot of microtransactions and trash fun service fillers. Sad.

  37. Willy Severus

    U can tell its obviously a mobile game now with the UI — what a damn shame.

  38. Mosiah Fernandes

    I'm having a really hard time adapting to it…
    enemies healthbar are not visible. damage output, health pools and healing all feel wrong and incredibly underpowered to a point where you completely relly on health potions even if you're a healer… game looks beautiful, but gameplay wise it has much to improve…

  39. DM me dead memes

    Looks like a straight downgrade, didnt know that was possible lmao

  40. Kar zir

    costume looks worse than blade soul 1

  41. Phleonie Tech Review

    So is this a cross-platform?

  42. poki doki

    it looks so bland and boring. every single time I see updates of this game I get so upset because I loved it so much for what it was, they butchered it to shit and now it looks like every other generic korean mmo. I miss how cool and new it was back in 2010-2012 where it was one of a kind. wish all love and respect blade and soul, you are truly dead. :(

  43. Hellxgr

    The battle system suck this nothing like fast pace B&S

  44. Otaku GamiDz

    Need console version

  45. KeijiOfficial

    Is global release out yet?


    that's a yikes from me.

  47. Zazo Aguiar


  48. pierce adrian lucasan

    The game seems pretty good, gonna play it when they release global, thanks for sharing this gameplay video .

  49. NinGangsta

    This combat looks horrible. Rip.

  50. sotakonnatohtori

    RIP bns

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