Blade and Soul 1.0 Bladeshade Harbor Full Dungeon

Oops forgot to add this is all «sub boss» only. Blade & Soul 2.0 Weapon & Skill update. Weapons can now be upgraded and go as high as +10 and over. New Skill System 2.0. This update might break the game in terms of balance. More details on my article below.

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  1. _s.w_96

    What lvl for pvp And dungeon??

  2. Mo Mo

    I bought an account with the website steparu provided hope itll work ^-^

  3. Lazyknob

    my enthusiasm for this game just got halved when i learnt this game uses a weapon upgrade system urgh. Are the necessary materials farmable or are they gonna be a cash cow like Dragonnest's "jelly"

  4. Placeholder

    How do you turn on the cinematic camera option?

  5. Red Dire

    Pro-tip: Expect the absolute worst outcome and when you get the game and what you expect comes true, you'll be less disappointed. But if what you expect isn't true, you'll be incredibly happy and full of joy.

    You'll be more jolly than people participating in jolly cooperation.

  6. BigBoi

    Since this game still isn't being released soon enough, that gives me plenty of time to get back to work and build myself a 1500$ gaming computer :P

  7. Infantyzip

    Awesome Artstyle. Check!
    Great AAA graphics. Check!
    Fun,innovative and responsive MMO combat. Check!
    Sexy bosses with Latex and Bayonetta hair. Check!
    Mic with party. Check!

    *-* PLS! GIVE NAO!

  8. invokeme able

    TERA online is good but i cant play it cz i in SEA..
    how sad…

  9. Black Wick

    what is ur internet that u r running on i want to buy one myself one day so i can play games in HQ like u

  10. paku

    youtube being a lot of stress lately, i had to change the quality to 1080p and the video  pic screen at the last time before i changed it 

  11. EuRoYT

    Is this free game?

  12. Christopher Tran

    If only Monster Hunter 3 was this good….

  13. AzatisS

    why cant i have this instead of Wildstar NCsoft ?!

  14. VindictiveFX

    Wish F'n NCsoft would finish this game or give it to a developer team that can finish it. Last update on the official website was over a year ago.

  15. Ostrid Everon

    i started watching the anime cuz i cant play ._.
    i live in stupid EU

  16. Dat Fat

    Looks great

  17. Radu Coroi

    Skipping trash mobs: every single mmorpgs ever made.

  18. ılı.Strawberry.ılı

    i can't play the game because the game has an crashreport ;-; its not fair 

  19. Chris L.

    It's a pity we can't play this fine piece of mmorpg in the west… still love it!

  20. Absolute Senpai

    Just played the game. Fighting mobs sux cuz it doesnt matter if you are moving to the side of the mob to avoid his attack, YOU WILL GET HIT! Unlike tera,vindictus,dragon nest..etc where if you dodge to the side u can actually avoid damage, in this game if you are in the range of the mob's attack,for example when the mob start the attack and you move a little bit to the side or move back a bit, there is no way you can avoid it by moving, you have to block it! (although if you move far enough you wont get hit, but that doest give much time for meelee chars to move away since combat movespeed is greatly reduced when in combat) which is why each class has some sort of blocking skills that are given to them, with the KFM having the best one (1 sec cooldown lol!).

    That said, the gameplay and graphics was absolutely top notch. This has been released long time ago (still not in america or NA tho) but it still gives me a ton of fun doing combos and just running around admiring the scenery is enough to keep me playing. Oh and they have really good cutscenes as well, i hope american version don't fuck up the voice acting if they ever get it.

  21. Donteo50

    I like this game but that camera is so nauseating why does it move around so much and not focus on where you want it?

  22. borgqueenx

    whats the class?

  23. Dane-Jah

    looks fun, hopefully they don't change it to much for the states tastes… seems to me that most conversions of Asian games look good then fail when changed to "accommodate" western tastes.

  24. lazybone1985 Bone

    the next target lock noob mmorpg

  25. Nathan Alexandre

    Arent any raid bosses that die quicker than these 5 man bosses (still waiting for that)

  26. cutie fan

    Why can`t you buy these good games in Germany.Google should create their own X-Box/playstation and release NOTHING but the original versions of these games. You would make more money than you`d thought.And it`s LEGAL!

  27. ToA

    im confused the game just came out a week ago…

  28. Adham Abu Naji

    anyone knows where to get that white high ponytail hairstyle that the girl wearing blue and white has?? pllzz i need it so bad

  29. Yummy Food!

    I can't see nothing you guys going so fast

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