Black Desert Striker Gameplay Level 20~44 Grinding

Just testing out the new Striker. 98AP 200DP
Time to grind to level 56? Shoryukens All Day!

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Комментариев: 47
  1. redcomet467

    Does he have Kenshiro's taunt?

  2. raruterofegb

    The guy looks like Kirishima from Boku no hero academia.

  3. 1v1 Slaughter

    That part when you went into that room in Bloody Monastery with the sun shafts, just wow!

    What settings do you have running for BDO?

  4. Douglas Su

    any skill that heals him ?

  5. Alexander Schubaltz

    muy buena clase, este me parece mejor que el Blader y el Ninja.

  6. nikola pantelic

    Step can you tell me your specs,the graphic looks amazing..Maybe i will give it a try to BDO

  7. AmsetEd

    How od you play in kr?

  8. nelidian

    it seems really fun to play with him :O i hope we can get it "soon" on NA/EU servers :D Nice vid as always stepari!

  9. Kathule

    What does the toggle ability do? Actually while we're at it, what is the weird 3-dot circle thing above the health bar?

  10. James

    Black Desert needs a instanced 1v1 PvP mode with balanced stats. A game with combat like this will thrive in smaller scale PvP rather than the cluster fuck node wars.

  11. MrTechnova

    finally a dbz character.

  12. Joel R.

    Wow, such dumb AI.

  13. Ron Yuma

    When is he coming out for NA?

  14. Rigo

    Hi buddy!!! which are yours PC Specs???
    Your game looks spectacular!

  15. Sever Teran

    About time, since day one I was waiting for this class.

  16. KayAndroid

    Those are some very nice animations :o.

  17. Sauce Man

    Oh yes, finally a martial arts class. Because im so poor i cant afford classes anymore, so this will due.

  18. Van P.

    Yep, no longer hyped with Striker. Another fail male class.

  19. Hayseman 5000

    Doesn't look like there is amount of a challenge if there is any in the combat portion of the game.

  20. 阿隆RYU

    Bruce lee or Kenshiro have been born on black desert
    so hard to choose because those character is my favorite

  21. Lil PorkChop

    thnx steppie :3

  22. Hikikomori

    Dive kicks… dp's and haddoukens we sf now boys

  23. Joan Jhosuka

    your health bar even not decrease, what gear did you use?

  24. Майкл Маклауд

    Steparu — You Best ! Like !

  25. maplebroa

    manliest man of men. Fight with only your fists!

  26. AngeloAtheross

    Giant is better…

  27. alias

    Я перестал играть в эту игру из опасения, что у меня разовьётся эпилепсия! Спасибо за то, что рискуя собственным здоровьем, ты всё равно делаешь для нас разный интересный контент xD

  28. Xela Shade

    ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

  29. tamunster

    Most people thought striker as a character from Street fighter; Which is not wrong but for me it reminded me of Hwoarang from Takken.

  30. nyapism

    good job pearlabyss, you manage to make martial art look boring….

  31. GaaraStyles1

    Muito louco, e vendo os golpes parece com os golpes do Paul de Tekken ^_^


    The concept art for striker awakening looked like Mantra Asura arms from Asura's Wrath.

  33. Loony

    Any infos about what kind of Weapon he will get with Awakening? That would interest me very much, if he stay a fighter.

  34. Loony

    1:16 I never saw any char that jump that high :D He can poop on all :P

  35. Loony

    You should dissable the warning for "high enemys" that make your screen alwasys red and the black spirit coming out, its pretty annoing for me to watch with the red flashes always.

  36. Loony

    with 44 I was already at Manshas :D

  37. AbstractAudition

    Looks shity. Like a tiny slow zerker. Ill wait for Awakening… in like 2years when we get it.

  38. Petiniaris

    annoying sound effects

  39. HyunJin Kim

    Shift + W + Space + Mouse Left(or Right) 4 keys = easy Play

  40. Matthew Delrosario

    Girl or boy

  41. Veoh#Techstarify

    Seriously… the strikers movemens looks very lame…
    As many people already said, it's rather Ryu- but what I'm telling, BDO is full of copied things. But I thought more cool Martial arts movements would be there.
    At last, I think, Striker don't fit in here, because half of the other classes already using martial arts kicks as well, and they don't deal that much dmg with it- what's different from the Striker, that he deals devastating dmg compared to other classes?..

  42. Castle

    Naruto MMORG !?!? PogChamp

  43. Максим Бочков

    Striker-Dragon ball

  44. Blatino Boi

    So playing this class.. Reminds me of the days back when, whe nI used to play as a Monk in D&D

  45. Lemuel Valle

    what offhand does striker use?

  46. Leshain

    striker is the character class that finally got me to switch from Vindictus to Black Desert Online, it's been a long time coming

  47. HyunJin Kim

    스테파루 요즘은 방송 안해요?

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