Black Desert Online Striker Short Gameplay Level 52-55

Reached level 55 yesterday with mediocre gear shown at the end.
Crazy tanky character with life leeching skills. Grinding to 56 later.
On the fence with grinding more or wait for the next character.

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Squeezel

    Why do the fist impacts sound like gun shots though?

  2. Lubos Handzak

    wtf is that

  3. Daniel Macharia

    How much ap?

  4. 255pop

    Cool new class! For the "meh" ppl what are you playing with? Zerker, wizard, ranger?

  5. Александр Попов

    Whats your computer specs for this? And what settings do you use?

  6. Nikita Nemchenko

    Man this is more ninja than the ninja xD

  7. Adrian Plesiński

    that fps :o

  8. Wessel Hoek


  9. Nuclear Waste

    this class is already avaiable on EU servers? or still only korea? i cant wait to reinstall black desert and play with this badass class the fights now will be more awesome i was waiting for this.

  10. BeOne views

    looks like the warrior with no weapons -_- boring

  11. Tyrant

    Man 1st male I'm roling confirmed! SHaaaaariuuuuuken!

  12. Yongbi

    can you show us the striker outfit/costumes and can you give me a recommendation of his gears and what he should be focusing on when building ?

  13. Call Me LiViD

    what weapons does his use as main hand and offhand?

  14. alexander linderson

    Striker looks awesome! But honestly the gameplay.. The stuff shown here is one of the reasons i quit. 52-55 was many dussins of hours just farming the same circle of spawns. Combats good though! :P But meh

  15. weapon


  16. Homeboy

    This class doesnt appeal to me yet, but im interested to see what his awakened will be like. Till then ill stick to ninja. Great gameplay as always by steparu. Also people who never played the game assuming it´s easy just because experienced people make it look easy, i want to see you try. It will be a good laugh.

  17. Sayegh

    cast speed or attack speed?

  18. Jose Fabricio Pereira Eler

    Master Bruce approves

  19. swampgremlin1

    yea i was interested figured i would take a look. only thing im not digging is that youre fighting mobs and its the same ole same ole would be better if you fought one enemy at a time and they were harder to kill not just aoe madness

  20. Doomtrain

    134ap and 211dp are not "mediocre gear", that gear already equivalent with people used for end game farming, I reach level 56 with striker using only 110ap and 130dp

  21. Hikmal crixalis

    I dont know but unlike blade and soul, the skills are mostly about combos while disabling your opponent at the same time.. Airbone enemies, tackling them down and stunning them while doing combos are kinda a lot more fun it seems.. Well, this is just my personal opinions though

  22. Camilo Carrasquilla

    what vpn uses you in te game?

  23. Troleg


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