Black Desert Online Striker Awakening Trailer

Striker Awakening Comes Out Tomorrow on KR 25th.
Whoa, it’s like a fusion of DBZ, JoJo, and Saint Seiya XD! —

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  1. Seungsation

    Striker is a Stand user?

  2. EpicMorgana32

    Stand- Roundabout
    Abilities- Duplication, High Strength, Mimicry of Stand user attacks, Teleportation

  3. Lord PoundCake

    Sry for the dislike but fuk man the striker goes from fist to heavy fist? that is so lame. why couldn't they give striker some Bruce Lee lvl weapons like some nunchucks.

  4. hard mode

    Why your video looks better than the one in the original channel? How could taht be posible???

  5. MaxTale

    I REALLY wanted tonfas… :( But that's still cool af!

  6. SpardaTheDevil

    Man classes in this game are really interesting, but game is all about grind for sake of grind. >_>

  7. Shi Kangakstein

    Actually most of the recent stuff they put out in these Videos look really lame to me. I'm talking about Dark Knight, her Awakening, Striker and his Awakening but when i finally get my hands on them it takes a one 180. I hated Dk the minute i saw her, i thought she was just a Maehwa with a longer sword and longer ears but since i started playing her i been having a blast. I'll just wait and see for myself, it's not like they ask you to pay for each update anyway.

  8. Kevin Lehtla

    That's how you fucking do awakening, not this bullshit from kunoichi (assassin playstyle) into fucking fidget spinner. I quit the game until now to see a class done well for my taste

  9. Nick Lively

    well all of the people bitching about warrior being better than striker can shut up now cause they have an awakening.

  10. Kurjek Kolds

    Lol they're still stupid enough to use that horrible slowmo mechanic that makes everything around you in the real world move at normal speed, but only slows ~you~ down, making everything teleport to their correct positions when it ends. It's the reason I quit playing, (besides the hackers, the pay to win shit they said they wouldn't implement, and the guilds running the game by paying off the devs to allow them to hack)

  11. zure it

    Was kinda lowkey hoping for nun chucks

  12. Bladex

    Buenas, soy un canal pequeño pero con muchas ganas de crecer en youtube subiendo mi propio contenido y sobre todo con muchas ganas de entretener y pasármelo bien al mismo tiempo, es por ello que os invito a mi canal donde subo entre muchos juegos black desert. Estoy subiendo una serie leveando al striker pero no es lo único que subiré!!! también se vienen sorteos de juegos y mucho mas!!!

  13. Aspros Tragos

    So.. fucking… lame…


    i wish my fps would be like that

  15. Music Hunter

    Asuras Wrath

  16. justf0rnow

    From Super Saiyan to Haki Master

  17. Dennis Dang

    the character is a rip off of Asura's Wrath

  18. Dylan R. Cerezo


  19. Danku

    you got me at the Asura's Wrath aesthetics

  20. Hollow

    Asuras wrath

  21. Batisam

    Look's great 😍

  22. Dude

    Eating sushi and watching a Korean game trailer. When did I turn into a weeb? Gonna buy a waifu pillow now.

  23. Tizona76


  24. Daryun

    what monster is this 0:15?

  25. Андрей Александрович

    Незрелещный фекалий — че то вообще не о чем слабенько прям.

  26. João Baptista


  27. David Nayror

    It doesn't go down like this ingame does it? Awakening only equips Gardbrace and you have to equip the rest individually or with an outfit box? The transformation looks awesome :(

  28. nobah

    Holy shit, that drag move! :O

  29. Pichan Liwag

    where's the rest of his arms?

  30. Da Vince

    Asura's Wrath BABYY!!

  31. NotSoGuilty

    am i the only one who thinks he is actually asura from asura's wrath? but when he wasnt a god, and just a young fighter?

  32. District

    Reminds me of asura from Asuras wrath

  33. Odracir Tanquilut

    I really love your vids! Here's some of my Striker in action PvP vid, just wanna share, hope you enjoy! :)

  34. Woody Woody

    Striker since the beginning striker until the end

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