Black Desert Online 2nd CBT Gameplay Giant HD

Time to smash stuff! Got my Giant to level 15, I will try another character tonight.

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Комментариев: 21
  1. "Jekestrah"

    I'm a little bit confuse how the Health bar works. Seeing on the video the health bar won't be deducted every HIT but it goes down when the MOB is knock down. 

  2. Boris Orumwense

    waoh talk about great  detail !

  3. Lou-Saydus

    Looks like the same old button mashing boredom that permeates all mmo's currently.

  4. GrandvisionStudio

    These are the kind of MMOs that are awesome, freestyle action combat paced, combos, dodging. It's all visceral and feels amazing! Just like Dragon Nest except this has much better graphics. <3

  5. Pianopower

    Seems pretty cool. Now whats missing is a quest system/dynamic world like GW 2 and Im sold.

  6. Animurh

    I notice there is a lot of pop-in textures seems pretty annoying hopefully it gets fixed though

  7. Devilrose

    The movement and animation looks slow and clunky or its just the class? Even the archer gameplay looks sluggish.
    Hopefully this won't be another all flash no substance MMO's like most korean grinders.
    Because its the gameplay and content that makes the players stay and not the graphics.

  8. TheRealManOfSteel

    Doesn't really look like a "giant" to me…..maybe 1/3 giant……or if a giant and a dwarf had a lovechild maybe….

  9. Deep Elements

    this game is going to be epic! Beautiful animations, Beautiful art, and sweet looking combat… TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY…

  10. Kolds

    Anyone know's if this game will be free to play ?

  11. g1 gaming

    omg this game looks sweet AF!

  12. Adam I

    How many axe swings does it need to kill whatever that was?

  13. ORYG1N

    Very interested in this game. Hopefully the gameplay matches the graphics!

  14. Slim Shady

    Dream come true

  15. George Mbugua

    Graphics are good, but boring combat mechanics on this class. Hope the Blader gets some combos that have more finesse than hacking, slashing, and jumping. Other than that its beautifully made.

  16. Randomboy1139

    i want to play it ;-:

  17. Newton3297

    this is fucking pure reality of an mmorpg

  18. Vikram Sehgal

    OMG it's better than reality!

  19. Jonny Guitar

    never thought I'd say this but I actually feel sorry for the monsters lol

  20. Liberty Prime

    Oh my god this looks so amazing, finally a race that is not some cute ass elf with anorexia. but actually a baddass giant nord berserker.

  21. LemDek

    Dynasty warrior extreme X? ehehhehehehehe

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