Black Desert Mobile Party Gameplay Labyrinth

Nice changes added to the Labyrinth recently with PT finder system.
You just have to make sure you click the button to make it public! — Open Beta — MMORPG — Mobile

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Комментариев: 28
  1. Sempiterno

    I want Tamerrrr :3. No awakening system yet ?

  2. Kaw kaw

    Pleaseeee i want english versionnn outtt

  3. TaKa

    how did you get 60fps ? now update?

  4. Erebus2075

    skill graphic design (not look) seems better than the pc version equivalent.. which is kind of sad to think about.
    design of dungeon run setup is also better -_-

  5. Duke Nemean

    the real question is how big is the b00b slider?

  6. Diamonds Forever

    Ahh mean been trying to get this for a while now :/…… Also this version needs tamer badly

  7. nahrubish

    I still can't appreciate the boss battle in MMORPG. I just see rainbows

  8. thiclic

    Wut app u playing on for the pc

  9. Imaginary Element

    Woah, mobile version actually has decent group PvE content.

  10. KeyGee

    So is the game even more p2w than black desert on pc?

  11. Hung Le

    Nice, also Ste, how to organise the houses in out Dominion. mine did follow by the tutorial and they are messed up all the way ^^!

  12. The Atish Channel

    Dude can we download it currently on android?

  13. Kevin Reyhan

    This game have a lot of party content compared to the original game where its basically a solo mmorpg

  14. Jay Kim

    i am very happy to see you playing bdm. I used to play bdo with u on heidel server like 3 yrs ago. my ign was Berzerk(giant) and played as warrior too. I rmb quitting the game right after media update, kept failing on upgrading my gears… :( what server u play on?

  15. Dr. Manhattan

    If i start ths Mobile will explode ;)

  16. Jello

    Mideum87 a better question is why the bdo mobile look better than vindictus pc

  17. lol

    Step do u know how to create more thn 3 char?

  18. Straws The Plk

    Finally after 4 years of summoners war, I finally found something to replace it! Needs an English version asap though

  19. Bayerius

    Not available in germany….noooooo

  20. Nicolas Daniel Silva Aravena

    i hope this is more playable than the pc version, which is absolutely ridiculous how unstable it is

  21. Felix Anthony Aguilar

    Why do people hate auto-play? Goodluck grinding for 6 hours using your hand on a hot phone.

  22. Adrian Santos

    Is there a way to get sit social action?

  23. Francis Lim

    can you join manually a random party?

  24. slicvm

    Hate these demonstrations of mobile games being played on a pc…Show the real graphics of the mobile version 😒

  25. mehmet yatağan

    How can I get those coins to enter group grinds?

  26. Arsyad

    how to party with teammates ?

  27. JustJay GamePlay

    Is it online?

  28. R. Sergi

    Can any1 help here? Just how the heck do I form a Party with my friend to free-roam? There's no option to add a friend to party. Only ancient mode allows that. WTF haha

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