Black Desert Mobile — Nouver Dragon Raid Boss — Short Gameplay — 2K HD

Dragon Boss Battle! I haven’t made a video of it yet, so here it is.
I wonder if I should start grinding again or just wait for Tamer. — Released — MMORPG — Mobile

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Комментариев: 43
  1. Rizky Raya Paringkas

    no english

  2. Jello

    Looks 1million times better than pc vindictus

  3. Yun Myra

    Wait..tamer coming?!

  4. Merk Sin

    How do you find good weapons?

  5. BP_Jennie

    What's the total size? Will it be smooth if I play this in my phone? (J5, Lollipop, quadcore)

  6. Junisha

    Thats girl power right there. All characters i see raiding the boss are females. TF!

  7. Benihana

    wow. Im surprised they got that to fit on mobile


    Reminds me of monster hunter

  9. Zyaj Pubgm

    You using emulator steparu? or on mobile? if so, what phone u were using?

  10. Piet Lewis

    Are you playing a death knight?

  11. Wahtukule o/

    …vindictus royal army raid, no?

  12. Eddy Gonzales

    Im going to buy the Asus gaming phone for this game!

  13. Mark Songalia

    Any chance this gets english version soon?

  14. Jadiel Augusto Portugal Neto

    they should add damage numbers in BDO PC :(

  15. Vialomur _

    can i play mobile version on pc?

  16. Phobus

    How to find world boss and fight him ? Im lvl 51 and never seen them

  17. Michal Janovský

    sadly its better than PC …. on PC is just dragon in desert, no siege equipment, clusterfuck of PK idiots and lagy gameplay ….

  18. Kariix_Gaming

    Will this be coming to NA?

  19. Malacath

    so just spamming skills? no actual dungeon mechanics?

  20. Ahma Wirogo

    Why you called this BDOM when you played this game on PC?

  21. Rizaldy Cruz

    [email protected] this is mobile game

  22. 4th Wall

    pc with gtx 1070ti cant even handle worldboss with autoframe at 60 and there is this mobile game playing with higher graphic settings

  23. Deion

    If you guys are looking for another great mobile action rpg with realtime pvp , raids , and everything until BDO releases world wide. Check out darkness rises by nexon.

  24. Watoto Pototo

    it's funny that pc version itself doesnt even have raid boss, did they abandon that game already

  25. cht5001

    Nouver isnt a raid boss. Hes just an open world boss

  26. Your Everyday Genshin

    Lol look like dragon nest sea dragon raid, sorry but i think its copycat. That mech is kinda obvious so easy, 1 mech :V not even a hardcore.

  27. Jo thamrin

    When the english version??

  28. Tha_Monsta88

    Theres no raids in bdo

  29. mark layam

    Bad thing is that it has auto feature

  30. sѧňs ცrơѧɖċѧѕt

    I was waiting for Durango but this is fine auto install

  31. Daluis Reyes

    🤯🤯 this is a mobile game gzzzz it looks so clean

  32. Hi There

    Y'all saying that cuz y'all don't got a pc lol

  33. King Obsidian

    So… it in the playstore?

  34. Yudanta Agasta

    seems like there is no combo in here…… how do they play ninja?

  35. Joniscracked

    This is not mobile game,its PC simulator

  36. msjood Lastsin

    Raid boss? No raid or dungeons in this game

  37. yoga aditya

    Still waiting for Global version release:v

  38. SilverSoul xxx

    can't find the game on playstore. its Dec and im still waiting for the SEA release 😢

  39. Johnny Le

    Dec 12 can't come soon enough!

  40. Theo SR

    Rip my phone with this graphic.

  41. bbeckford90

    This is a phone game…… Ladies and gentlemen….. This is a phone game…… Consoles better beware. If this keeps up and phone game developers get smart in that they make their games with PC ports in mind, consoles will be obsolete. Mark my words.

  42. Karl but diff

    What class is this??

  43. Saixe

    That shadow when the dragon is flying tho. Damn. Can pocophone f1 play this at max like this?

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