Black Desert Mobile Karanda Raid Boss & Dyeing Clothes

Fighting against the latest raid boss in the mobile version of BDO.
The 2nd half of the video is just me dyeing clothes, RIP colors. — Open Beta — MMORPG — Mobile

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Комментариев: 29
  1. Nightmare

    This is what happened when they tried to mute the bird in Lost Ark

  2. Clean Up Service

    Wow… when you have more FPS on the mobile version than the actual desktop version….

  3. leon kenedy

    I hate movile gaming…

  4. Neko Gaming

    mobile version played in an emulator from pc nicen’t

  5. Fluffeyh

    So you're fighting karanda..
    That means there are Dandelion Weapons right?
    So there will be awakenings?
    I can remember them talking about thinking if they should even include awakenings or make them seperate classes.

  6. Kaspars Kalniņš

    What emulator are you using?

  7. Inscription

    RIP BDM NA 2018 release

  8. Inscription

    Cmon guys is a bird just shoot it, or cut it, or some shit.

  9. self1sch

    I wonder if there are any actual benefits of giving a boss like 15x health bars instead of one big one? It seems like most eastern games do that, while it's rather uncommon in western games….

  10. たくみかんざき

    the map not as big like PC version

  11. Ron kevin

    I miss this currently playing dnm.

  12. Avahloz

    the animation is too flashy cant understand what is going on.

  13. Emelenzia

    How many classes does the mobile have ?

  14. Z.

    What emulator is that?

  15. 去吧吃屎獸

    waiting newchar XD

  16. Artyom Konev

    Speaking of mobile MMO,what happend to Hundret soul ?

  17. Zarod89

    This flashy combat turns the entire fight into a blur..BD and FFIV both have that shit lol

  18. AdmireFiestaGuild

    Just total shit — a game that uses the same graphic assets but has nothing to do with the actual gameplay of Black Desert at all.

  19. Rovict Lee

    HI, would like to know how do I transfer game save while changing device of this game ? I logged in via Google Play account from prevoius S8+, after logged out and try to connect from new oneplus 6 via google play account but failed…please help

  20. Arc4ne_

    Mobile game yet on pc

  21. Nathaniel Owusu

    Can you do GVG video next? :)

  22. honeysana

    is there an ip block for this in the korean app store cause most games do but i rlly wanna play this

  23. Mhiller Ike

    Wow…. that's depressing on how they have a raid boss like this on mobile but not on PC >_>

  24. NOWHY

    Too much skills animation/effects, can't see what the heck is happening.


    Join the facebook group for details on how to play the game outside of Korea
    /groups/111220602909658 <- copy and google search

  26. PotatoSauce

    Like how this mobile version has instances and PC doesnt :(

  27. MegaLUL

    Graphic is insane for a mobile game. Hope my s9 handles it xd

  28. Malacath

    how is spamming skills supposed to be fun? i don't see any type of boss or raid mechanics

  29. Drake 202

    How do u get dye

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