Black Desert Mobile Horse Taming and Breeding

Easy catching horses, just need patience breeding. Tips below!
-Buy a bunch of Lasso! Can skip Sugar, if you wish.
-Only specific areas and maps have Horses on them.
-Don’t camp the spot, just move on to the next spot or zone.
-Throw the Lasso away from the Horse, wait for it to stomp.
-Move forward and catch directly or feed sugar for higher-rate.
-Press & hold up or down and keep it centered on the green.
-If successful the horse is yours and sent to the stables.
-Keep catching some more~! Until you have enough.
-Go to your Stables and Equip the Tier 1 horse.
-Kill MOBS to power level your horse. Pretty easy.
-Tier 1 takes about 5 minutes to max level.
-Tier 2 takes around 7 hours or less to max level.
-Tier 3 takes around 16 hours?? I’m not really sure.
-After you have two level 10 — Tier 1 Horses.
-You can combine them and turn them into Tier 2 easily.
-Tier 2 takes a bit more time to level up. Nice for F2P users.
-If you’re rich, you can buy Tier2~4 horse for 1,500 W. Pearl.
-Not really worth it IMO, since you can breed them easily. XD

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  1. CosmicShuriken


  2. Veela

    Mobile? Damn!

  3. Ron kevin

    Is this the best mobile mmorpg steph? Ur thoughts?

  4. Maickel Vieira

    Notice me Step-senpai <3

  5. Jehbuhdieya Springfield

    Can you play this with a mobile controller like the GameVice?

  6. Tim de Bont

    The graphics are insane for mobile.

  7. Tim de Bont

    well other videos I mean

  8. Tim de Bont

    Still this is also wow

  9. xKol

    And tbh steparu, why spending pearls on t4 horse if this is portal based instances And all that ? No point in doing that, so do it with no rush cuz after all its not that importante have a high tier horse xD imo

  10. self1sch

    I never played BDO, what is the benefit of a high lvl horse? Is it faster or gives you more exp?

  11. raikiasha op

    Nice names xD

  12. Conan O'Brien

    They need to make the render run smoother, also make the real AI characters, I don't know what to call it but it looks like you can walk through into them that's just disappointing.

  13. Mobile Players

    lol Step where did hiding?

  14. Eagletwenty

    Sorry probably many other asked you already but, what's your main there? The witch ?
    Which class 'd you prefer for dungeon in solo and mob farming ?
    Any precise location to find wild horses ?

    thanks a lot ! Many thumbs up ! :D

  15. Kelsey Coppola

    Just got this on my iphone4

  16. Koichi Ura

    Step whats a fast way to level tier 2 horses? mine aren't leveling up no matter how hard i try. (one is level 7, the other is 5.)

  17. Capt. Blyatlov

    what is the icon beside your name ?

  18. JP Ante

    Nice t4 pet u got there. what are the skill.?

  19. Dream Walker

    Guys suddenly I couldn’t find my characters they disappeared .anyone can tell what’s going on ?

  20. Yozu Z

    Best mobile games

  21. Hellios Gameplay

    Is Z3 with adreno 330 now playable?

  22. n nn

    Any word on the global release date? i got an update for my android device and it say compatibility whit black desert mobile, since im in mexico that only means we are near a global beta or sommething, so if you pls let us know when you learn sommthing…

  23. Swift Myst

    @Steparu I know that this is Beta, but do they give you UI options? It seems a little ubiquitous. That's only my opinion.

  24. Legendar

    what are you pressing to maintain the meter? sometimes i slip the meter and losing the horse. yours seems stable unlike sliding the movement pad.

  25. Lastwill3334

    "Mobile Game" plays with mouse

  26. 酒井献身

    Is this still on CBT? If so when is the OBT and probably the international or SEA versions…

  27. Edwin Chia

    Why does this look like the legacy of discord ad and the game itself is junk (not B.D)

  28. Павел

    Are you using Nox / Momo or BlueStacks?

  29. Zrzek

    Can we play with pc players? Stepu-chan

  30. Paulo Victor

    Does the mobile version have PvP already ?

  31. Kuro Ash

    Is it need to be the same pattern , then can breed or just need 2 horse same tier ?

  32. Ervin lew

    what is the max tier for horse in Black desert mobile?

  33. ธรรณธร คุ้มครอง

    how to levels up my horse

  34. Roberto Hongo

    WOW, Steparu, LOL, you were my teacher in BDO, and now you will be my teacher again, in this BDOM

  35. John Michael Basalo

    I tried but the horse ran.

  36. KAY DE

    Horse: Thks for releasing for me I felt so damn harassed as soon as I tried to get u off my back now I can go back to eating in peace n quiet. T.T

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