Black Desert Mobile Blade Master Party Gameplay & Calpheon Short Tour

I power leveled my Musa to 50 for fun. Still waiting for Tamer XD.
And a short preview of the new coop/grind dungeon recently added. — Open Beta — MMORPG — Mobile

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    hey bro I just made a new android game and I was wondering if u could review it ya know let me know if it's good or not if your interested go to my latest vid in the description

  2. Esteban Ramírez Hurtado


  3. Nathaniel Owusu

    Ahhhhhaaaaaaa (SUPER SAIYAN MODE)


  4. Indahouse Bass


  5. Othman zodiac

    when is this coming out step????

  6. FlashSonic

    I swear Steparu if they don't add in the update that brings the awakening skills/weapons i'm gonna be really disappointed. I have my berserker class at lvl 50 over 2100 gear score. However I got really bored since the main reason I cared about the berserker was his awakening skills with the new weapon. I'm happy they added a new class in only a month of the gaming being out in Korea but still.

  7. Mobile Players

    the English patch still can't translate the items names to English.

  8. Young Ake

    I usually play this on my Android

  9. Fade Away

    I guess mobile is the future of MMOs. Hope phones can keep up. I WANT BIGGER PHONES.

  10. OsoChiLLaxin Oso3Dimensional

    Anybody else on fone full screen about clicked the notification bell cause I did xD

  11. JP Ante

    what difficulty is that? 2600?

  12. Reinhard von Lohengramm

    Calpheon is a lot smaller than in the PC version? Wish they increased the pop up range. It isn't so bad in the PC version, especially with ultra mode, there should be an option in the settings for high end phones.

  13. Joshua

    What emulator did you play this on?

  14. Nightmare

    Combat is better than the pc version and it is better than blade 2 it seems

  15. Gabriel Moraes

    Will you be playing bless online on steam, step!?

  16. Wy Wc

    I rerolled to Musa, mainly hoping to see a different weapon and skillset compared to pc version which I'm not interested at all. I see that you didn't activate the kick skill. Its strong compare to some sword skill though and fast as well.

  17. Solar Sailer

    Nice video rendermax! :D

  18. Mateus Arruda

    I'm seeing you using mouse to activate skills, is it possible to activate with keyboard ?

  19. Serghei Spatari

    No auto-combos? I'm in

  20. jinos gameing

    When the en V will come out and can i ply if i out of sk

  21. Mugin No Tamashi

    i need to join to a clan my lvl is 28 and my cp is 1391

  22. Kayla

    What classes are available ?

  23. Nightmare

    Step is there a phone that can run this smoothly? I will probably play it on emulator but just asking lol

  24. Devashan Pillay

    Will there be an english version? Are there guides for the current version?

  25. 王坤城


  26. Joshuwah Oswandi

    Can i play this with redmi note 4?


    global release?

  28. louie pascual

    Is this p2w?

  29. Clark Irvin Gao-gao

    English version for this. 😭💔

  30. MrThatnovaguy

    what emulator are you running this on?

  31. nexelg

    Why not available in the Philippines c'mon! Oh.. I get it because it is land if the peeenoise 😁

  32. Banksi

    If this game releases on the west with the Striker, I'm probably gonna end up getting fired….

  33. Eum Eum

    hey steparu i have a little question how can i make a party for grinding or works that only in dungeon ?

  34. Nathaniel Owusu

    Question, if I download the game in KR version, will I be able to change the language if English version gets release or I have to uninstall and download the English version?

  35. villavan kothai

    When it comes global I will turn myself into pay to win player for this blademaster class🤩🤩🤩

  36. Aniki

    How do you start a party It doesn't give the option? Do you have to be a certain level?

  37. Ryan Rinaldy

    How to make party

  38. Lili Jevtovic

    2020 Gamers ?

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