AxE — Alliance x Empire — Loli Mage Gameplay — PvE and PvP

Mahou Shoujo time, she’s vulnerable when casting ice storm.
Today is the last day, I’ll upload a little bit more PvP and PK later. — CBT Android — MMORPG — PK — PvP

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Комментариев: 38
  1. Igoruq

    reminds me of TERA o-o

  2. hiddenbruh

    These phone games are getting epic these days, Steparu, do you know where they will bring this to the west?

  3. Asura Sloth

    I'am the only one who think its insane to play mmo like this on a tablet? i mean, its fucking annoying use touch screen.

  4. morph

    yet another mobile game

  5. J

    how u liking it? got bored of it after lvl 15 with the auto quest

  6. Giovani Nathanael

    stepara? i guess "steparu" is taken or a "failed char" then :D

  7. Kurisu

    So what was the gear rarity? Was yellow the highest.


    mobile game :(?

  9. KpopFeels MyJams


  10. rahel hardono

    thicc af

  11. Manuel Montañez

    i already down the game with a vpn changer but… can't play because my phone is a dinosaur T-T

  12. Shaolan

    KR mobile mmos look better than pc games nowdays , and we are here stuck with trash games like Ashe Of Creation LUL

  13. Mauricio Gomez

    All the nexon lolis are so thiccccccc OwO

  14. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    I see Loli I click

  15. Ace mvp

    Oh bummer the beta ended :c

  16. Bobeth Losauro

    what phone do you use in this vid?

  17. Wasabishi

    w0w beautiful mobile game

  18. Good Girl

    how to play c: oh nvm ♥

  19. ChemicaaLz

    Thicc, check
    Loli, check
    Mahou Shoujo, check

  20. keff keffs

    you guys can still access the game?? me , can no longer play since last night :(

  21. 검정색고양

    Looking good for a Mobile game but I fucking hate dis mobile game era

  22. Doc Adam

    I need this in eng!!!

  23. Adonis Rodriguez

    is there an English of this game?

  24. kfc lebih enak

    a phone game ? holly shit

  25. CzaR

    wtf is this a mobile game?

  26. yaa dol

    dafaq with dat thicc

  27. Cylux

    Step, are the classes really faction locked? Like for example alliance class archer can never transfer to empire's side?

  28. megalith

    Where are you playing this? This is smooth as butter.

  29. Kerai M

    Also between another games that will come , you think this is better ?

  30. Kiem i3erriz

    Game is out on korea app / android store now you can download it but server won't be up till tomorrow . Hey step do you know what to do if someone encounter errror 239 after download and install the game ? One of my friend keep getting it and just wondering what caused it thanks if you can reply.

  31. Unruly God

    Dam that lil chick in purple got thicc ass mofoing thighs

  32. Llhanz Aguilar

    step how to fix with an error of 239 after installing the game :/

  33. Littlemiss Wai

    Which do you think is better PVE wise, Mage or blader?

  34. the Moguntian

    Koreans make better mobile games than western studios pc/console mmos <.<

  35. rhon concepcion

    Hey step how are you bro?.. ive downloaded the game.. but everytime im putting my screen name for my character.. it doesnt allow me to have that name not only once but so many times.. do you have any idea why?? Please looking forward to your answer.. thanks bro.

  36. jd zapanta

    Apk are not working :(

  37. SlowDynamics

    This game looks better than the most pc versions nowadays. Will there be a pc version???

  38. mario licata

    hä, bin lvl 30 Mage und habe die skills nicht die du hast.

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