Atelier Online Alchemists of Braceir Gameplay Preview — Mobile — Closed Beta

A cute game, I wonder if they’ll add voices later on. Needs more charm! — Mobile — CBT — Casual MMORPG — Open Areas
(c) コーエーテクモゲームス ※画面は開発中のものです CBT Contents

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  1. Gamming Specs

    Which Emulator do you use, I mean, you play those games on pc right? Love your videos :D

  2. Randall Thornsberry

    If your interested cause couple minutes ago I will be the Gacha News Anchorman aka GNA there are some games that's been popular in the YouTube community that I just laid out for you:Teria Saga,Knights Chronicles,Seven Knight's,The Tales of Five Kingdoms, & Graffiti Smash! XD XD XD XD XD 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Sasaki

    I was excited for an Atelier online game, until I clicked your video with the cut off title and saw the word mobile.

  4. Nathan Harquail

    enough with this atelier crap! i traded in meruru cuz it was garbage

  5. Mornan Anchy

    You got into the beta?! I am jealous!

  6. Floyd Dominique

    i played some of the atelier series on steam, but get eventually getting tired of it's recycled gameplay and their lack of effort to improve the game, their all series games are essentially the same lol.
    but i'm very interested on this for some reason XD

  7. Bs Kata


  8. Sara Valestein


  9. Jay Demondayo

    And I haven't even finished Atelier Totori…

  10. Icham

    kuesto kuriaah~

  11. PaPa Pia

    no english version?

  12. dougfax

    Mobile games are learning that stamina is bullcrap

  13. Riyan Pane

    Looks like alchemia story

  14. vasilia s

    No stamina? Expect 24×7 farming

  15. RageGoria

    Didn't expect the combat to be a clone of those generic mobages out there, why didn't they just stick with their usual turn based battles with crafted items from alchemy.

    Perhaps this game focuses more on gathering and crafting?

  16. anemone49

    Are you playing on PC? What software you are using?

  17. Green Bandit

    How do you manage to get into any beta you want, who are your connections…

  18. Styrulex

    Steparu aren't you updating your website anymore?

  19. BakaTakoUwU

    I need this in english now! <3

  20. ladymewmew2011

    i really hope Atelier online comes to the west

  21. lokil93

    a decent mobile game? let's never see the game translated XD

  22. AngryJones

    Atelier series going to mobile, ok they want their part too than.

  23. samcheer_

    Poor Puni :'(

  24. Manas

    Holy shit really? This doesn't have stamina?

  25. Prince Malonzo


  26. Kappatalism E

    corona at 2018

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