Astellia Online Upcoming 2nd CBT Teaser

Astellia CBT2 begins on March 27th and concludes on April 9th. — CBT1 Gameplay — Classic MMORPG — TCG & Pet System

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Комментариев: 20
  1. Bork

    Dis gud?

  2. London

    I hope they'll have the character customization available now.

  3. JP Ante

    theres a nexon in it. it can suck my deek.

  4. Setsu Cutsu

    Wow. Its look cool ,hope gameplay look cool too.

  5. Unlimax

    if only the CBT didn't require a Korean phone number to apply
    PS : wow the game seems huge .. 60GB for installation O_O

  6. Dy Savior

    Fuck it's Nexon. Well that's gonna be a fun 2 week experience atleast.

  7. Overseas Muscular Guy Saiaka

    It's a nexon game. FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you Nexon. Looks kinda cool tho.

  8. michael


  9. Croz Raven

    Cool looking CGI … That's it huh …

  10. Michael Weilandt

    Finally something. Game looks cool with the whole minion thing. I also like the art style. Glad the game is moving forward.

  11. KuroNeko [KFPbeats #26]

    Granado espada 2.0?

  12. Omfl POP

    This is by nexon omg there goes all my money

  13. Asad alya

    Astellia mmm i dont remember.

  14. Hakuna Matata

    Oks they call my attention this time 🤔 ✨…

  15. Chloe Wang

    This actually looks pretty good

  16. Messhyn

    Good trailer

  17. Chloe Wang

    They look so angry

  18. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    youall know nexon never make you disappoint


  19. Federico España

    I'm pretty sure it will get censored to hell by Nexon if it comes to the west but idc! I want it now! xD

  20. Panda Bear

    jeez. nexon gonna be rich upcoming year with all the solid games they took. rip wallets… i really hate all these amazing games that dont come out until late sept or even next year… /sigh

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