Astellia Online Scholar Prologue Gameplay UHD4K

Here is the edited version of my prologue gameplay XD.
I will upload the full 30-minute version at a later date. — PC — MMORPG — TCG Pet Elements

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Комментариев: 39
  1. Steparu

    4K might take awhile to process ლ(╹◡╹ლ)!

  2. ben j4ym4

    its open world?

  3. CodeBoxDE

    yey, another generic asia mmo crap which will be cancleled after 1 year after its release …

  4. AmonRa

    meh combat is boring >.< though they do have facial animations lol, and i like that you can win the game in 13 minutes

  5. Jayce

    2017 and tab targeting still exist?

  6. Allukard454

    Another very cool korean mmo.

  7. Dávid Farkas

    Can I somehow play this game or Bless Online in EU?

  8. Eishern

    watched 7 minutes. the same weeaboo anime style game. lame

  9. Darken

    Bizarre faces XD

  10. Kopeschka Community

    This game is just another clone garbage game, the combat looked god awful. Sure the voice acting sounded good in Chinese, however, I know when they bring it to the west they will get the shittiest voice actors ever or will just leave it out completely. These clone MMO's are always the same why can they ever do something different and unique…

  11. GingerDeadMan

    if archeage and blade and soul had a child, this would be the result lol

  12. CarCar

    Pero que clase de Blade and Soul es esto??? :v

  13. Gavin Yap Han Yong

    How to keep your loli.

  14. DJQ 15

    Finally, a lolita mmorp I've been waiting for this triggers a certain bear in me.

  15. Mendoras

    Is it just me or is the whole vegetation static and not moving?

  16. Mavis Kevin Pacaldo

    Why does this remind me of Aika online lol..

  17. Nicolai Wikkelsø Mogensen

    6:00 what is the sound track damn it amazing :D?

  18. Nyanmeria Rainbow

    somehow looks like bns without all the much better animated kung fu stuff.

  19. しろ愛

    they make the cutscenes good but the game is total crap the only game that was interesting was maplestory 2

  20. Busra Nur Ekiz

    am i the only one gettin bns vibes??

  21. Shakira's Hips Lied

    I Was expecting better graphics And Better Gameplay
    I Am disappointed

  22. Rentaro Anaka

    The prologue look like Blade&Soul XD

  23. Jaehyun

    for someone like me who isnt a native korean speaker it still boggles my mind when i hear Gwenchanha it makes me cry that im learning korean

  24. Baldoxxx4000

    I kinda like albion online

  25. Miro Mk

    great another pay2win, IP blocked game.

  26. Baldoxxx4000

    no no no just no. after wow, most mmos are dead.

  27. Antiqwiz maincube

    Only sound = porn

  28. Leonardo N.Santos

    Could Steparu tell me how I can play this game in CBT? Are there any possibilities to buy?
    I already have an account at NEXON KR

  29. Sasha Alex

    Those washed out low as hell quality textures …

  30. Omfl POP

    Oh hell no

  31. KKomchi

    lol looks 90% like b&s wtf..

  32. Mykelle Derick Palad

    Looks awfully similar to ffxiv

  33. Jeni Utari

    Eq the new BnS bullshit

  34. oleg maskaev

    epic drama

  35. ShadoWolf

    How is performance in this game considering its unreal engine 3?
    I recall tera was terrible (and still is) especially in dungeons with some of the worst pc game performance to date.
    (Tested with Latest Processor Generation and High End GPU + Best Ram on the market).

  36. Sidik Surat

    Dis is good

  37. b: kbm 1

    pay to play?

  38. theseventhammer

    Looks awful. Plays awful. The quests have the annoying RNG from 20 years ago where you have to collect 5 things by killing mobs X — and it take 50 kills to get those because only 1 out of 10 will drop what you need. Awful.

    Same goes for harvesting — collect 5 potatoes — well it takes running around for 30min because not every time you find a potato plant you get what you need — like WTF?

    The pace is really slow, the combat is dull, the quests are probably the most generic crap you've ever seen in your life. 100% pass on this.

  39. Hung Nguyen

    Bad guy: "I pendulum summon 5 of my monster to the field and attack"
    Good guy: "Ha ha ha you activated my trap. Mirror force"

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