Astellia Online Rogue Combat Gameplay HD

Neenja action with my Rogue! Maybe time to main this in CBT?
I wanted to level up my Scholar, but the combat felt too slow. — PC — MMORPG — TCG Pet Elements

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Комментариев: 26
  1. Nafis Hazwan

    Steparu , what do u think about this game ? your opinion ?

  2. AngryJones

    Stepu i think the skills are slow too, if they be more fast this game will be much more cool. And the TCG thing in a MMORPG makes its fresh. But i stil what to see you playing with the archer class, you will make a video of it?

  3. Dramox

    No stealth. No thanks

  4. Leonardo N.Santos

    tera online? OMG kkkkkkkkkk

  5. Ronin Okami

    i see raiderZ in this and i'd rather see DDO come to the NA… sigh the dream.

  6. RageGoria

    Did you just summon 3lolis(or chibis) to battle together with you.
    okay that's adorable.

  7. Valvrave

    Hello RaiderZ

  8. Pita bread

    How many of the games that you showcase on your channel do you still play?

  9. MMO's 4k Gaming!

    Hey that's not right you had to hit a Enemy more then 1 time to kill it at level 3. =)

  10. Hide Sinyster


  11. Acedus

    Idk about you guys, at this point I'm just waiting for Super Mario Odysey

  12. NakedToast

    After playing BDO, all these new MMO's combat and movement just doesnt cut it anymore imo..

  13. Merolin

    yasss! you got the game haha. I like the music and the SFX. That's all I can say right now xD

  14. ciri L

    i swear this character look exactly the same with the assasin in dragon nest ! im dying

  15. Andras Mal

    Is this open world?

  16. FJ Judex

    Looks like reaper in DN :)

  17. emek eejj

    copy crap

  18. john tan

    DUring the blink strike, i think the character is saying, "Anal Sex!!"

  19. phantombloodsoul

    are u a dev ?

  20. AiKizuMiru RedArmy

    this game gonna have ip block like vindictus?

  21. Erebus2075

    cool way to make pve last a bit longer without screwing pvp balance ^^ i do like pet systems, it also allow for a lot more diverse soloable content

  22. Ragil Arisandy

    this game is global release or not ?

  23. Avsin Avjin

    steparu how to download this game

  24. Darq

    Cant wait for this game

  25. Cozeris

    Do you control your companions or do they act on their own?

  26. julien bonnet

    Those teleports give me headaches

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