Astellia Online PvP Zone Getting Zerged Wiped — Level 32 Ranger

Following a group of people taking over points.
Caught off guard or outnumbered!? Maybe both! — MMORPG — CBT — Card Pet System

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Комментариев: 25
  1. ChanZorg

    Fight zerg with bigger zerg… nothing new in MMORPGs in recent years in this area….

  2. killertron

    The sword/shield guy's armor looks cool AF.
    Aside from that, cant understand a thing of whats happening, it must be a nightmare for melee classes.

  3. White7Fang

    wish this was coming to na

  4. elyc168

    That looks pretty cool

  5. ᕼᗩᖇᑌ

    It's only me ?
    I think this game graphic UI , gameplay , animation its outdated
    so yeah It's look like aion in 2017

  6. Damian Heyer

    can you play this in the NA? like with a patch or anything?

  7. Tyrel Blaxis

    The gameplay looks horrible, wtf is this shit. My hype is dead. I don't even speak about the graphic, beautiful by far but close up textures are out of date.

  8. Mortally Challenged

    great graphics, horrible animations.

  9. Jerry Senseney

    thanks for the video. that look like a hell of a raid it would be cool too see more

  10. Meanseason 305

    this looks like it was made before TERA…. really dissapointing…. animations, textures, particle effects…. everything looks really lackluster. NEXT!

  11. okoice

    The game looks boring asf

  12. Sinante

    look dope im so hype for it

  13. Arr Arr Arrr

    this is Aion on drugs :D

  14. AmonRa

    yeah this game does look kinda bad and outdated

  15. Ning Go

    tsk. No offense. the game is a waste. Loos so ordinary. Good thing they released this video ahead so I will not waste any time waiting :D

  16. More More

    ебаные яркие игры

  17. oleg maskaev

    moar mass pvp!!!1111

  18. Bam Boo

    2:50 Gosh Hiroshima flashback

  19. Andy P.

    Ревелейшн номер два)огромное сходство

  20. ғ ᴏ ʀ ᴛ ɪ s

    ох и дерьмище блять….

  21. Sandro Manzukid

    esto es bless?

  22. MrAdamex

    This game looks beautiful <3
    Would like to see this game in EU soon

  23. Dmitrii


  24. Prime Fox

    писдеть пока смотрел мне оба глаза вытекли от всей этой анимаций(

  25. Manuel Mazzei

    hmmm, doesn't look well balanced to me. Skill power, movements, and all the package together, seems messed up a af.

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