Astellia Online Playable Classes Trailer HD

Upcoming playable characters in the 1st CBT of Astellia Online
Closed Beta is around the corner, winners announced today. — MMORPG — TCG Pet System

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Комментариев: 48
  1. Fear Darkness

    Can i play this on sea server it looks gorgeous.

  2. Neil Tuplano

    another pay 2 win

  3. blhtml

    Nice graphics but the attack flashing destroy the game
    to much flashing effects

  4. Domtrain

    Huh this looks like Blade and Soul engine

  5. Bayview Ave

    I like the name though

  6. milkteaful

    so what makes this mmorpg stand out in comparison to all the 1000 other games in the same genre?????

  7. 도모다찌


  8. Eiji Oda

    i smell fanservice

  9. Sounds Fishy

    Another generic game
    me: eeeer maybe i play :/

    See genderlock

    me:you know what….fuck off

  10. CrisslyJr

    MMORPG isn't gonna feel amazing until virtual reality mmorpg is a thing which is gonna take a while…and I'll sadly be gone by then, already 19 getting old

  11. Nejimus

    Vindictus (Mabi Heroes) is HOW old now? Still looks better than this shit.

  12. Baby Beel

    FFS why do all MMORPGS look all the same -_-

  13. DensFishing

    how to play it step

  14. Magus

    Is this another fucking asian irony?

  15. alguira

    But… but… this is on-sale Tera, and Tera already looks somewhat dated today.

  16. ☆MaoNeko☆

    trop stylé ce jeu 😀😀😀 jai hate (cest sur quel appareil(smartphone,pc..etc) ? )

  17. Leandro F.M

    Gender Lock = bye bye

  18. Host G

    Why don't you choose FF14?

  19. Skye

    os it for Android

  20. Random day

    PC ?

  21. Death Reaper

    Where can I download the game?

  22. Suky F

    Looks very much like TERA even the lion mount looks like the same.

  23. Leandro Silva

    Esse jogo e pra pc ?

  24. boy kadena

    cabal look a like

  25. Amp1tude

    looks retardedly generic

  26. Profesor Hiro

    Looks horrible ._.

  27. naitan bhong

    omg those skill effects are horrible.

  28. Shiba

    Stupid combat very cheap

  29. Shiba

    When are they going to make good open world mmo with Vindictus combat system

  30. gummieboy16

    Same classes always, where the necromancers or masterminds(summoners) like city of heroes and villians had q.q, show some love for people who like pet classes.

  31. Petar Todorov Todorov

    Okay… Can someone explain to me the eastern people's obsession with visual particals in their effects? Why are they so intense? What's the point? Doesn't it hurt the immersion? For example if I wanna play physical class like warrior, I wanna feel the physical impact of the hit. A simple air slashing effect and a little blood does the trick. Why would I wanna see typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis, vulcanos comming out of my blade? How does that do anything for anyone? It's ridiculous. If we talk about a mage class I can understand that.

    But look even the archer here… The phoenix shot effect is so retarded You can't actually see your own character, nor Your opponent? Your whole screen is blocked by this stupid animation…. How does that help anyone? Is the only reason to make the game harder on Your GPU??? People You have to realize that the point of the effect is to make a difference. If Every move has saturated effects, your eye will get used to them and they will become boring… The point of having the effect on the first place is gone… This is so simple and yet for some bizarre reason eastern mmo-s always suffer from this…

    I am by no means a WoW defender, but IMHO mortal strike effect is masterfully done. You can hear the sound of sharp steel, You can hear the air being slashed, You hear the sound of the clash and there is a little blood splatter… Combined with the jumping crit number it gives You all the satisfaction it can possibly offer… There is no need to implement a natural disaster in this simple physical attack…

    Watching the warrior in this game I can ask… Well what is the difference between this warrior and what would otherwise be a battle mage ??? Seems like all of his attacks are fire spells imbued in his blade lol.

  32. Márcio Abreu

    This looks like a mix between Tera and BDO interesting

  33. AssAssIn

    Tera 2.0 doasent look very promising.

  34. b: kbm 1

    free to play?

  35. Eboran Shard

    I dont care what people say I always love it when a new MMORPG comes out I just love playing them I always set a objective to atleast look good in every MMO I touch !

  36. Aru Gin

    May look stiff, but there's this little smth that i like.

  37. Delicious DeBlair

    Another Tera…only without ears and tails… and some annoying 'secret move' parody speak from old Japanese anime shows… I sure hope you can mute that feature!

  38. PurpleKaze

    Genderlock class mmo hard pass.

  39. Dylan Wright

    it just doesn't look that good lol

  40. nordy259

    Ill keep a eye on it but have serious doubts this will be anything but another generic wow clone with Tara graphics

  41. Mista Blaster

    Gender lock ? no thanks, this mmo is a big shit

  42. Volpe

    this class Trailer couldn't have been designed any more anticlimactic. I don't feel any weight nor impact to the classes. simply bland and dull.

  43. Fakyra XoXo

    looks like shit,

  44. Kirinketsu

    sigh more action combat garbage, if Aion 2 ever comes out an it uses action combat I am going to neck.

  45. Accelerator

    Question: when this game Will come out to this side?

  46. Lord Metallium

    Needs Monk and Gunner then its awesome :D

  47. lala

    such a bad fighting skill

  48. LéShíe

    Those glorious skill effect, my eyes!
    Who are the VAs?

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