Astellia Online Male Assassin Character Customization

Here is the male character customization with all the sliders previewed!
I think the character ended up going full Anime look or something, lol. — TCG MMOPRG — Pet System — Open Beta

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Комментариев: 15
  1. Sweet Nights

    Love ittttt

  2. jesse carlton

    love the art style of this game, but more Lost Ark content would be great too :)

  3. desmond uuupuuu

    vpn and kr account needed?

  4. Senichiro

    i cant log in … the game window give me a error after starting

  5. Trai Harder

    Oh this game looks interesting. You can only make your character atm right?

  6. Chiasa Takahashi

    Need a new MMO to sink my teeth into…

  7. Neko chan

    Yaayy finally some male customization

  8. rlifeh

    Great intro music !

  9. Witchy blue moonlight

    00:37 nice Artorias armor ripoff

  10. Sabin

    The character on the thumbnail is Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul lol

  11. last name sherlock

    is this free to play?

  12. Hoowwwww

    another p2w game in the horizon guys

  13. Sheleg

    when gameplay

  14. Jadiel Augusto Portugal Neto

    is this game gender locked?

  15. Q Kou

    I don't why almost every fucking mmo prefers females and gives them much more style. Cancerous mmo com and dev. I'm not angry i just love to write like this and well i'm an asshole.

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