Astellia Online Loli Sorcerer Gameplay and Dancing Emotes

Poking some low-level monsters on my Loli Mage and dancing around.
I’m wondering if I should take a character to max level in this game XD. — TCG MMOPRG — Pet System — Open Beta

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Комментариев: 48
  1. BM03

    So it's like that old MMO Rappelz? You just smack whatever skill you got and get buttloads of battle pets? Any unique features?

  2. Cryy

    i'm dying at the fact both of them dance together lol

  3. AmonRa

    oh nice Tera 2 how do i get this i want this and is this slated for the west? i feel like not playing lost ark now that i saw this

  4. ryuzzaky

    How is the game so far ? i barely see any info or gameply

  5. DragonAlex

    The gamestyle with the pets is nice but I would wish a AAA-Title would get such a mechanic and with no genderbender…

  6. Financial Freedom Fighter

    @Steparu How to register and download the client outside S. Korea?

  7. Accelerator

    Question: this game it's only on Japan?

  8. DireConsenquences

    What do you think of the game so far? How does the combat feel? If you could compare the combat to another game, what would it be?
    Is the questing dynamic, or is it just fetch and kill most of the time?

    ALSO, can you dye your armor/ outfits?

  9. Inscription

    Look out Fortnite.. these dance moves are LIT

  10. SathonaBNS

    the amount of bns copied emotes damn

  11. Trung Duong

    Not sure if making game with tab targetting combat is a good idea.

  12. Mario Calixtro

    No English Version?

  13. Carl Liebkne

    How to Fixed Crash Dialog…Re-install not work, Check file not work, repair dll not work,update windows not work…astellia only…

  14. White Ichigo

    system requirements for this game?

  15. Agol Matias


  16. Tarkus

    another nexon game huh… man they arent letting up with all these new title announcements.
    Also this looks bdo like.

  17. zaph

    was confused which one was the loli lol

  18. General Torgal

    just another generic souless tera/BnS rip off korean mmo, i swear there is like 3 to 5 korean mmo that look exactly like this

  19. KINGhotaru11

    why does the catsong n dance turn me on?!?! do i have a problem?

  20. 2freeIvX

    How can anybody take game like this seriously…

  21. Chiro Hisuke

    Tera 2.0 ?

  22. HOME 026


  23. aminu

    this game seem good, but it still long to get global server? :/

  24. Lorenzo

    If i wanted to see Boobs and Ass i would watch PornHub, Can't they understand that half-naked woman characters are not what MMO players want?
    Ask yourself what do you want?
    Bare minimum endgame with a heavy microtransactions pay to win formula.
    Or a Sub based MMO where you get constant endgame content instead of Boobs and Panties?

  25. Dennis

    If this game came out in 2008 — 2010 it would be very popular. This game will milk founders packs cus we all still crave a good mmorpg but than it will die within a couple of months cus this is not the game we are looking for… seriously it looks like garbage. cant seem more generic but hey maybe theres some hidden gem.

  26. Sokalus

    Tera 2.0 wait and see

  27. Thenshi

    how to fix crash dialog ?

  28. Khumaini Asmui

    People screaming cRiNgEy tERa rIP oFf
    >Korean Publishers, Nexon
    You are the definition of Pepega.

  29. Jadiel Augusto Portugal Neto

    gender locked?

  30. Banage Gitas

    I got Priston Tale 1 wipes on this.

  31. temeti to

    Another trash MMO, next!!

  32. voxane

    Graphics look pretty shit, reminds me of 2005.

  33. Nox_Atra Wendigo

    I made my trap xD

  34. eM lliK

    You have to look really closely to realise it's not blade n soul

  35. Liesha Cichol

    Lol, youtube category mechanism thinks this's BDO. See description to see what I mean. The last one I saw was classified as Terra. Let's see what it'll be mistaken for next :-p

  36. Ahmed Tag

    Look at Deem Stockings

  37. maeda01

    pet system + dance emotes = i'm in ^^ tbh i dont care if its on Unreal3 or 9 or if its p2w.

  38. EXOvV

    Hentai Online

  39. Last Walts

    gawd, she dance pretty well…

  40. Lendas de Lunia Oficial

    Tem que lançar aqui no Brasil. Jogo maneiro.👍

  41. Lord Irish

    Harvey Weinstein is going to love this game.

  42. Hamza Benabdeslam

    anyone knows the name of the exact song @1:00 ??

  43. Rhythm Mania

    Gameplay kind of looks meh for me. I was expecting something better.. maybe trying out might change how I feel about the game.

    Edit: I made final decision to not to try out the game.

  44. Anderson Antunes


  45. Kenneth Scarborough

    Anyone know the name of the songs she is dance to?

  46. herlinado_

    song name?

  47. Nathan Alexandre

    I am……BRAGA, and I do not dance for nobody!!!

  48. Wendigo *

    Where are emojis ?

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